About BCDVideo

It’s no longer enough to place your trust in a white box video surveillance solution. IP video surveillance systems are placed under increasingly strict video retention mandates, loaded with high-definition megapixel cameras, and relied upon to secure some of the most sensitive security environments. Every byte matters.

BCDVideo’s focus on proactive response and personal service has allowed us to become the most trusted source for security integrators to find innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions. Our award-winning products cover video surveillance storage servers, access control servers, industrialized servers and switches, client viewing stations, networking, and professional on-site services.

We proudly work with the world’s top security integrators implementing security solutions certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. This allows us to deliver high-performance, scalable solutions built with the future in mind. Our global footprint includes 60,000+ installed systems, spanning 57 countries and countless verticals.


Mission Statement

At BCDVideo, it is our mission to protect global infrastructure and the public. We do this by developing innovative video surveillance recording solutions for security integrators. BCDVideo is a service company first. When we create a culture that engages our employees, in turn they provide exceptional service to our customers. BCDVideo uses a personalized approach to every project, meaning each security system is customized to the site, bringing the best possible experience to our customers.



Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a pillar of the Chicago security industry,
leading innovation globally. In doing so, we will:

  1. Manufacture state-of-the-art products to preserve the evidentiary chain of custody.
  2. Deliver the best technology to allow businesses and organizations enhance their customer experience with video analytics.
  3. Be committed to offering tested, proven solutions regardless of the size and scope of the project.
  4. Support a great work environment where people are inspired to be the best they can be.


BCDVideo Core Values





Core Values

BCDVideo is built on three principles:

  • Stewardship
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

BCDVideo Products

  • IP Video Surveillance Servers & Storage
  • Harsh Environment Servers
  • Client Workstations
  • Direct-Attached Video Storage (DAS)
  • Network-Attached Video Storage (NAS) 
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Access Control Servers 
  • Video Surveillance Network Management 
  • Video Surveillance Support Products


Aurora Server Series


BCDVideo Services

  • Guaranteed Project Calculations 
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
  • Award-Winning Support 
  • Remote Access & Software Support
  • VMS Certifications
  • Professional Services
  • Partnership Programs
  • Project Registration Protection
  • Cutting-edge Technology 

Stellar Service BCDVideo