Adapting Servers: Hyperconverged

Hyperconverged systems have been prevalent in the IT world for quite a while, but IT optimized hyperconverged hardware is not compatible with video. It is critical that security integrators and end-users have their needs met with a solution that is purpose-built for video.

The BCDVideo Hyperconverged Infrastructure, powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 HyperCore software, leverages under-utilized resources by creating a virtualized resource pool to get the most out of the hardware. With industry-leading high availability built into the virtualized platform and at the hardware level, data or performance loss is never a concern.

Performance and high-availability are critical in the video surveillance market and not all HCI solutions will adapt to video data. With Scale Computing’s HC3 platform and BCDVideo’s ‘purpose-built’ approach, customers will benefit from a solution that’s adapted to meet industry-wide requirements while simplifying the management and maintenance of their infrastructure. 

Dan Pierce, VP of Strategic Sales at Scale Computing

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