Customize Genetec Security Center with Pre-Engineered Macros

BCD has developed exclusive pre-engineered macros that users can simply integrate into their Genetec Security Center platform. Although these are out-of-the-box macros, BCD also has an experienced software engineering team that is accepting custom software requests for Genetec Security Center projects. We are here to help you solve your integration challenges, creatively.

BCD Macros

For integration into Genetec Security Center

  • Import/Modify Cardholders – Using an import file you can generate and/or modify cardholders and their properties including custom fields.
  • Import/modify Cardholder Groups – Using an import file you can assign cardholders to cardholder groups and modify cardholder groups.
  • Modify cardholder access rules – Using an import file you can manage/modify cardholder access control rules.
  • Add to cardholder group on access granted – When access granted event is raised from a configured card reader, grant permanent access by cardholder group assignment.
  • Actuate I/O device on license plate read – When using a configured license plate reader, actuate I/O device.
  • Enroll Cardholder after license plate read – Generate new cardholder after valid plate credential read.
  • Move PTZ cameras to configured preset position – Move configured PTZ to a preset position.
  • Convert G64 to mp4 file format – Convert G64(x) video file format to mp4 so that it can be viewed on 3rd party platforms.
  • Parse data from serial connections – Receive and read data via RS232 connection.
  • Custom reporting – Generate custom reports using both in-system and external data.
  • Trigger recording on zone activation – When a zone is activated configured cameras change the record state.
  • Return all PTZ cameras to home position – Return all configured PTZ cameras to the configured home position.

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