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BCDVideo products cover many different categories in the security market - from servers, to network management, to access control. Following is an overview of all of the IP Video Surveillance products we offer. For further information, and specific products in each category, please follow the links below.

IP Video Surveillance

IP Video Surveillance Servers & Storage

Surveillance system installations are growing every day around the globe. Analog solutions are all shifting towards digital IP camera solutions. IP video surveillance is easier with BCDVideo’s full line of video servers.

From the budget-friendly Orion Series to the mission critical SuperNova Series – BCDVideo has a video surveillance solution for every project. All video surveillance solutions are backed by BCDVideo’s onsite, global warranty.

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Harsh Environment Servers

Harsh Environment Servers

When you have extreme temperatures and conditions, finding a video server to withstand the challenges can be difficult. Add in the bandwidth and reliability required for the security surveillance market, and your options are limited.

BCDVideo Harsh Environment Servers deliver high-performance processing power. Designed for robust performance, as well as flexibility and scalability for easy upgrades and low-maintenance, this video surveillance solution is crafted for the stress of harsh environments.

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Client Workstations

Client Workstations

Optimize your surveillance system’s performance and deploy your system in less time with BCDVideo client workstations. Designed to increase viewing performance, BCDVideo’s workstations are built to ensure a responsive experience and allow operators to get the most out of their system.

Custom engineered for maximum video viewing from an HP platform, BCDVideo workstations provide top-of-the-line hardware solutions and are backed by a global three-year warranty.  

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Direct-Attached Video Storage icon

Direct-Attached Video Storage (DAS)

As your project acquires more data, you may have to balance the need for additional storage with the finite space available in your data center. You can address this obstacle by easily expanding your BCDVideo server arrays with BCDVideo’s direct-attached storage (DAS) options.

BCDVideo DAS video storage options offer fast, cost-effective, and high-capacity storage for any video surveillance products and optimal performance in high bandwidth applications.

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 Network-Attached Video Storage

Network-Attached Video Storage (NAS)

The ability to find and protect crucial data is essential for every project. When you need a storage solution that is economical, allows easy access to shared data, and is easy to set up, NAS storage may be the solution.

When recording IP video, the system requires constant “writing” on the hard drive— so it’s important to select NAS drives that are designed specifically for video surveillance storage use.

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Storage Area Network (SAN)

A crucial aspect for any video surveillance project is the Storage Area Network. SAN is about establishing connections and sharing information through universal storage connectivity. BCDVideo’s SAN solutions make data connectivity a priority by offer product that have a high-availability, and low failure rate. BCDVideo products also offer high scalability and transfer rate, with no performance lags. All BCDVideo projects are calculated to ensure the best performance, while products are integrated with one another for maximum storage connectivity. 

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 Access Control

Access Control Servers

Ensuring best practices for video server set-up, BCDVideo has specialized video surveillance servers. These access control servers run the VMS software as a database for the system. This server is dedicated to protecting the VMS software configurations.

The access control server also alleviates the concern for system speed, by freeing up video server performance. BCDVideo has a full variety of forms factors and redundancy to find the ideal solution for any project.

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 Video Surveillance Network Management

Video Surveillance Support Products

From start to finish and everything in between, we have all the parts to help your video surveillance system. The switches, cabinets, and monitors BCDVideo offers make it easy to get all your security system accessories in one place.

Save time, effort, and request by getting all your video surveillance system needs in one place.


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 Video Surveillance Support Products Video Surveillance Network Management

In networked video surveillance, tolerance to packet loss decreases dramatically as the camera resolution increases. The network bandwidth requirement increases substantially with the video traffic. BCDVideo products give an unprecedented level of reliability and flexibility by offering products design for any project and offer a high power output to support even the most demanding devices.

With simple set-ups and full multi-cast switch solutions, supporting and troubleshooting video surveillance networking has become easier than ever. BCDVideo offers a wide-variety of products from essential, economical lines to full scale enterprise PoE network systems.

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