05Oct 2017
The State of Biometrics and Analytics

New technologies have given integrators more options than ever before. Access control featuring biometrics and analytics are creating smarter cities. BCDVideo Vice President Tom Larson discusses the role biometrics and analytics play in video surveillance. Biometrics in the Security Market We’ve seen biometrics for the past 8-10 years, whether we’re talking about hand geometry readers […]

21Sep 2017
Challenges in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been put in the spotlight as hacking techniques become more and more sophisticated and successful. BCDVideo Vice President, Tom Larson, discusses the unique challenges in cybersecurity integrators have when securing video systems and the importance of creating an open cybersecurity standard across all manufacturers. Tom Larson, Vice President Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges for Video […]

06Sep 2017
cloud storage

Cloud Storage has broken into the video surveillance market, but how viable is it for large projects? BCDVideo Vice President Tom Larson talks about the impact the cloud has had on the surveillance industry and how quickly it’s adapting to accommodate larger installations. Tom Larson, BCDVideo Vice President Is Cloud Storage a Standard? Cloud storage […]

23Aug 2017
Mobile Security

Tom Larson, BCDVideo Vice President   Body cameras and in-vehicle installations are quickly becoming the new norm in video surveillance. BCDVideo Vice President, Tom Larson, discusses how mobile security is used today and what challenges are still ahead. The interview is broken into smaller segments below. Watch the whole interview or skip ahead to the […]

08Aug 2017
How to Determine Network Security

Networking is the backbone to any IP video project. Insufficient bandwidth, unsecured devices, and slow legacy protocols can render even the best cameras and servers inoperable. BCDVideo Networking Engineer Michael Wagner discusses networking’s importance and best practices for securing your entire network. The interview is broken into smaller segments below. Watch the whole interview or […]

26Jul 2017
Security Challenges in the IP Video Surveillance Industry

Security challenges abound in the IP video landscape. From educating integrators and end users on the latest technology, to overnighting time-sensitive orders, Server and Storage Specialist, Adam Janic, uncovers his experience helping integrators deliver the best security solutions for every project. The interview is broken into smaller segments below. Watch the whole interview or skip […]

11Jul 2017
Jeff Burgess BCDVideo Leadership

What Makes a Great Leader Focus, confidence, integrity. Great leaders embody all three. BCDVideo President/CEO Jeff Burgess discusses what makes a great leader and offers some advice to those stepping into a leadership role for the first time. The interview is broken into smaller segments below. Watch the whole interview or skip ahead to the […]

13Feb 2017
Cost-Effective Video Surveillance Solution

How to Create a Cost-Effective Video Surveillance Solution After years of being offered the cheapest solution by the security integrator, today’s end customer is savvier. There has been a strong shift to purchasing higher reliability backbone infrastructure to ensure both stability and scalability. This is after previous generation systems offered compromised performance and poor data […]

23Jan 2017

What Today’s Security Integrator Expects in Video Storage Solutions In the past, integrators were pressured to compete in the surveillance market by building video storage solutions piece-by-piece. While this approach may have worked as a stopgap for smaller projects, there are often far too many risks involved with this do-it-yourself (DIY) approach: reliability suffers, project […]

21Dec 2016
Setting Up Multicast Networking

3 Things to Consider When Setting up Multicast Networking Security integrators demand the best surveillance networking solutions. But, how can different integrators differentiate the good from the underperforming? Identifying these differences is especially critical when setting up a multicast network. Things can quickly become overcomplicated resulting in project delays and poor performance. Fortunately, there are […]