30Dec 2015
Quality Video Streaming, Longer Retention

Quality video streaming, longer retention time boosts performance for HD cameras in 2015 How did the economy impact the security marketplace in 2015? In as much as security is more and more becoming a necessity, it would be difficult to gauge whether the economy had any direct effect other than at a budget level. With the introduction of 4K […]

21Sep 2015
NVRs for Integrators and End Users

Security Market Offers Range of NVRs for Integrators and End Users. Network video recorders (NVRs) are at the center of today’s IP video systems. The video surveillance market includes a wide range of NVR choices for integrators and end users alike. NVR appliances include purpose-built machines that have embedded software systems as well as servers […]

18Jun 2015
Fast Changing Video Surveillance Market Success

How to Succeed in a Fast-Changing Video Surveillance Market Jeff Burgess is the President and CEO of BCDVideo out of the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, IL. With the rapid growth of the overall IP-video surveillance market, BCDVideo is experiencing significant growth by generating a 30% CAGR over the past two years and has become one […]

22May 2015
Ensures Critical Data Through Video Storage

How Video Storage Ensures Critical Data Isn’t Lost Video data is critical to today’s enterprise. The latest video storage systems must offer dependable operation that doesn’t risk the loss of that critical data. DDN – When Performance Matters “Not only is bandwidth very important, but functionality cannot be lost when a storage system is having […]

08May 2015
The Role Of Storage In Video Surveillance Applications

Video Surveillance Application Storage Larger IP video systems require plenty of storage, and several high-profile applications help to demonstrate the value of storage in today’s networked video environment. Maricopa County Security Project One example is the Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff’s Office, which is nationally recognized for its zero tolerance toward crime and unwavering focus on innovation […]

01May 2015
Misconceptions About Video Storage Solutions

Like many areas of the security market, the field of digital video storage systems has its share of misconceptions and missed opportunities. We called on manufacturers of these systems to set the record straight. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) Will Continue To Rule One key misconception is that solid-state drives (SSDs) are going to replace hard disk […]

24Apr 2015
Video Surveillance Trends

Trends Driving Increasing Storage Needs in Video Surveillance End users in the video surveillance market are looking for higher quality images and to retain those images for longer periods. Also, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to networked video surveillance in larger numbers. And video is now finding many uses outside the security market, […]

17Sep 2014
Growth Everywhere Podcast

Growth Everywhere Podcast: How BCDVideo Grew Its Business By 40% During A Recession Today we’re talking with BCDVideo Founder Jeff Burgess. Working in the IT business since 1979, Jeff ventured out on his own and opened up his own company in 1999. A chance meeting steered the course of his business into IP video in […]