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IP video surveillance cameras are commonplace nowadays. From the corner store to the airport, cameras are capturing this critical footage daily. With ever-increasing camera resolution and quantity, servers alone aren’t enough to realize the full potential of a security system. As a result, client workstations are necessary to read the high-definition video.


BCDVideo client workstations deliver swift deployment and increased viewing performance. They provide a responsive experience and allow operators to get the most out of their system with detailed, custom engineering for greater video viewing from an HP platform. BCDVideo client workstations provide premium hardware solutions backed by a global three-year warranty.


Accessing video surveillance systems used to be technically challenging and expensive. Problems with bandwidth, limited functionality, and complexity prevented workstations from achieving their full potential.


BCDVideo workstations fill the void in commercial and enterprise environments. Ideal for access control and IP video surveillance, they’re powerful enough to render high-quality megapixel images for applications running 24/7.


Client workstations optimize advanced graphics and video capabilities. This provides high performance and scalability to both smaller deployments and large enterprise installations. Additionally, smaller projects can use the workstation as both a recorder and viewer leading to a more cost-effective solution on budget oriented projects.


The BCDVideo client workstations provide a dependable solution to the security market. Most of all, high-performance workstations need to be reliable and support high-definition video. BCDVideo’s workstations are flexible enough to support increasing IP camera quantity and resolution, making it an essential part of a unified security solution.