Genetec Streamvault Appliances

Streamvault security infrastructure solutions

Streamvault is a complete line of secure, ready-to-deploy security infrastructure solutions that help you design a system that meets your unique project requirements. With Security Center pre-loaded, Streamvault devices simplify deployment and maintenance and offers you a clear path to unify your security operations.

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Why Streamvault?

Built for unified security

Genetec’s unified approach allows you to deploy a single solution that embeds all your core security systems. This minimizes footprint and reduces your total cost of ownership.


Each appliance is cyber hardened, right out of the box. More than 200 security settings are preconfigured, so every part of your infrastructure is protected.

Lowers your organization’s risk

Every unit is tested to its limits and comes with a certified performance guarantee. This eliminates guesswork and lets you design with peace of mind.

Simplifies your operations

Streamvault appliances are ready-to-go the moment you power them on. A single point of contact for support makes deployment and case resolution much simpler.

The Streamvault Portfolio

All-in-one security

Ideal for securing smaller spaces and remote sites, these appliances can be deployed as standalone security systems or as part of a larger, multi-site system.


  • Up to 50 cameras and 100 readers
  • Connects to intrusion and intercom devices
  • Up to 48 TB of storage
  • Optional RAID5

SV-100 | SV-300E | SV-350E


Designed to deliver smooth playback and high-resolution video on 4K monitors and video walls, our workstations leverage Security Center GPU-accelerated decoding.


  • Up to 64 full HD streams
  • Up to 8 monitors
  • Hardware acceleration

SVW-300E | SVW-500E

Enterprise rackmount appliances

Designed for mission-critical deployments, these appliances provide higher scalability and reliability. They offer greater performance and storage options without sacrificing your budget.


  • Up to 2100 Mbps throughput
  • Up to 2000 readers and 75 ALPR cameras
  • Up to 416 TB storage (SATA or SAS) with RAID capabilities

SV-2000E | SV-4000E

High-availability centralized storage

Seamlessly scale your operations with any amount of data or entities. Our storage solutions adapt to any situation and helps reduce your security infrastructure footprint. With superior resiliency, you can expect zero downtime during expansion.


  • Expandable SAN storage
  • Scale-out NAS with no single point of failure
  • Up to 58 PB in a single namespace

SVS-7000E SAN | SVS-7000E NAS | SV-7000EX