Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Video Surveillance

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Video Surveillance


Key Features

  • Video Optimized Virtualization
  • Up to 100TB Storage per 2U Node
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® 4116 Scalable Processors
  • Complete System High Availability
  • Scalable Node-Based Infrastructure
  • 5-Year Software Upgrades & On-site, NBD, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty


The BCDVideo Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Video Surveillance is the security integrator’s answer on how to adapt to the constantly evolving demands in the video surveillance and security industry. Through virtualization, it enables efficient utilization of hardware that seamlessly scales on-site resources.

This Hyperconverged Infrastructure leverages underutilized resources by creating a virtualized resource pool to get the most out of each virtual machine. With industry-leading high availability built into the virtualized platform and at the hardware level, data or performance loss is never a concern.

Performance in a virtualized environment is assured with the latest video optimized hardware. The highly available nature of the infrastructure eliminates the overhead in performance caused by RAID 5/6 systems. The hypervisor also ensures maximum video data throughput by optimizing the I/O potential of each virtual machine, regardless of the environment.

5-Year Software Upgrades & Global On-Site Next Business Day, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty

Each BCDVideo product line includes a standard hardware warranty upon purchase. Depending on your project needs, BCDVideo can modify this service to include accelerated service levels or extended warranties. Please reach out to your representative for more information.