BCDVideo unveils new cutting-edge IP video surveillance solutions at ISC West.

At ISC West, BCDVideo unveiled the latest additions to its standout product line of IP video surveillance solutions, and gave attendees a taste of what’s to come later this year. Here’s a recap of the new products that were on display as well as what the BCDVideo team has in the works.  

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Video Surveillance (HCI-VS)

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting new product introduced at ISC West is BCDVideo’s certified hyperconverged solution (HCI-VS), a virtualized, video optimized, and highly available infrastructure that answers the demand for higher, more efficient operating performance while also lowering total cost of ownership. 

Powered by Scale Computing’s Hypercore HC3 software, BCDVideo’s HCI-VS is a scalable, node/cluster-based infrastructure that enables security integrators to virtualize their physical security appliances and software, meaning fewer devices need to be deployed and maintained. More importantly, HCI-VS makes it easier than ever before to both deploy and manage video surveillance infrastructure. The system has been certified on Genetec Security Center at 2200Mbps and 12 virtual machines.

BCDVideo Accelerator   

Another game-changing video surveillance solution that BCDVideo launched at ISC West is the BCDVideo Accelerator (BVA). The BVA revolutionizes the way throughput is maximized in video recording servers and eliminates the need for extra storage solutions, including the costly and space-consuming 15,000rpm hard disk drives previously required to attain necessary system bandwidth in Milestone-based solutions. 

The BVA replaces these outdated and uneconomic storage solutions with an additional 112TB of archival storage, thereby reducing the financial overhead a second server requires in additional maintenance, power consumption, and labor costs.

GPU Analytics Servers

BCDVideo also showcased its innovative video analytics hardware. The industry-defining analytics servers are powered by the latest NVIDIA® GPUs, including the groundbreaking Tesla T4 and Quadro RTX Series GPUs, Intel® processors, and BCDVideo hardware. 

With NVIDIA® graphics cards and accelerators, BCDVideo builds video analytics servers that not only are optimized for scalability and flexibility of deployment, but also maximize the vast resources of these graphics cards and accelerators, including the massive core count, high-speed onboard memory, and their excellent performance at simultaneously executing resource-intensive instruction sets, all of which are critical to successfully analyzing video data.

Our video analytics server equipped with multiple GPUs makes it possible to significantly condense overall rack space, which enables GPU-powered servers to outperform nearly an entire rack’s worth of non-GPU equipped servers, thereby reducing the overall cost of operation and hardware while significantly improving performance.

Live demos of what’s to come this year included:

Network Monitoring [Beta]

With video appliances becoming the cornerstone of physical security, management of these devices and the underlying network has never been more critical. BCDVideo’s network and health monitoring software provides security integrators an easy-to-use solution for remote management.

Utilizing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data enables in-depth monitoring of all network devices. Check the status of critical hardware endpoints in video servers, such as processor usage, drive/RAID set health, and network bandwidth. Monitor network switch and camera’s critical data, including per-port bandwidth, uptime, as well as traffic flow.

All-in-One Video Recording Solutions [Beta]

Keeping simplicity at the forefront, BCDVideo introduces a line of all-in-one video recording solutions, all with integrated PoE+ ports. Small form, tower, and 1U rackmount options will support between four to eight IP video cameras, greatly simplifying entry-level deployments. In addition to the simplicity and ease of use of these all-in-one solutions, the servers maintain BCDVideo’s industry-leading, video-optimized hardware, including their five-year, next business day, onsite, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty for added peace of mind.

App-enabled Network Configuration [Beta]

BCDVideo provided a sneak peek of its joint development project, app-enabled network configuration, with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises to simplify how networks are deployed. App-enabled network configuration will be a transformative technology when it comes to configuring and managing a network.

This innovation drastically reduces the complexity and time needed for deployments as users can fully configure and deploy any network, as well as harden a network by isolating unauthorized devices to prevent unwanted tampering—all from a smartphone. 

Additionally, users can rapidly deploy multiple switches or reconfigure existing devices with stored presets in ALE’s cloud, which significantly reduces the costs associated with labor and time required for repeated deployments.

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