Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6350 Series

  • Professional Small Form / Rackmount Gigabit Switches
  • Professional Small Form / Rackmount Gigabit Switches


Key Features

  • Up to 48 PoE Ports
  • 104 Gb/s Switching Capacity
  • Up to 780W of PoE Power


Reliable and powerful, the BCD-OS6350 OmniSwitch 6350 enables a highly effective edge network switch solution with up to 48 gigabit RJ45 ports. A 780W of PoE power is available to power a variety of network devices. Optimized to provide a scalable and adaptable solution, this network switch allows for small to midrange networks to run flawlessly. Layer 2 functionalities enable smaller projects to function with high performance.

  • Enable maximum network performance with 154 Mpps switch frame rates and 104 Gb/s switching capacity.
  • Up to 48 1GbE ports provide up to 30W of PoE for added power to network devices.
  • Out of the box simplicity and deployment reliability is guaranteed with automated switch setup and configuration.
  • Support for up to 4000 VLANs provide efficient network segmentation for reliability and video data traffic optimization.

3-Year, 24/7 Support with Advanced Next-Day Replacement

Each BCDVideo product line includes a standard hardware warranty upon purchase. Depending on your project needs, BCDVideo can modify this service to include accelerated service levels or extended warranties. Please reach out to your representative