BCDVideo Genetec Partnership Enhances Market

Mar 22, 2016 | News

Share in the Benefits of the Genetec BCDVideo Partnership

The BCDVideo Genetec partnership provides great benefits to security integrators and end-users. It offers full service, harmonious, certified solutions for software and hardware. Genetec Security Center is the most open, independent, advanced, and unified security platform in the world. BCDVideo and Genetec continue to collaborate for a seamless solution. BCDVideo even designed GPU-accelerated client viewing workstations exclusively for Genetec. These systems allow operators to display more high-resolution cameras from a single system, and enhance playback fluidity.

A Turnkey Solution

BCDVideo’s systems are built using high-performance components. This makes them well suited for enterprise IP video surveillance applications. They complement the Security Center by providing large systems that are able to support hundreds of high-megapixel cameras. These network appliances come with pre-verified hardware configurations. They can be used as a unified security system or as a stand-alone platform for video storage, access control, or license plate recognition. The open architecture and enhanced features of Genetec Security Center allows customers to select their preferred cameras, door controllers, and edge device hardware from a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers.

BCDVideo products have always been made to support the maximum I/O video bandwidth. This allows for more video ingestion and cameras per server than any other manufacturer in the security marketplace. In addition to needing fewer servers for large projects, the BCDVideo video recording platform is positioned as a cost-effective unit for the lifetime of the security system.

Once a BCDVideo archiver or access control server is deployed, the days of the integrator ‘rolling a truck’ are virtually over. The intelligent hard drives within the systems will alert the administrator of a pending failure up to ten days prior to the drive actually failing. This allows for an on-site service call on a still-working drive BEFORE it fails. The result is zero downtime for the end customer.

BCDVideo’s Unique Mission Control Monitoring Software (MCMS)

In order for a video server to deliver its best performance, it needs to be in peak condition. Often times, problems can impact performance without any outward signs. Health monitoring and quick response times are crucial for a solution to deliver the performance expected.

MCMS is, in effect, a mission-control center inside the server. It sends out alerts based on user-defined criteria to deliver advanced system analytics. It can monitor power, CPU, memory, and hard drive usage among other performance elements. System management can take place remotely, thanks to BCDVideo’s embedded SMARTtechnology features. The SMARTrestoration module can restore a system to BCDVideo’s project-optimized factory image. The SMARTvault feature can remotely restore the video software and camera settings to the last backup. Other standard built-in features of the Mission Control Management Software include modules for remote diagnostics and automated service tickets.

Lower Ownership Cost from BCDVideo Genetec Partnership

Profit-draining activities are rarely needed when deploying a BCDVideo system pre-loaded with Genetec Security Center. When choosing a surveillance system, the integrator should consider all maintenance costs over the lifetime of the project. Upkeep can include going on-site to replace a hard drive, tweak the project software, or work on countless other issues that can go wrong. Far and away, it is the most cost-efficient solution on the market, based upon Gartner’s Total Cost of Ownership.

Gartner defines total cost of ownership (TCO) as a comprehensive assessment of information technology or other costs across enterprise boundaries over time. TCO includes hardware and software acquisition, management and support, communications, end-user expenses and the opportunity cost of downtime, training, and other productivity losses.1

BCDVideo uses a ‘white-glove’ approach to designing systems for the needs of each project. They are able to work directly with Genetec’s channel partners to build and deliver certified Genetec Security Center Systems. Genetec and BCDVideo fully integrate with one another and provide full support along both companies’ product lines. Along with BCDVideo’s powerful hardware, their service is renowned. BCDVideo raises standards by offering dependable storage, on-board disaster recovery features, award-winning support, and a performance guarantee on project calculations. The BCDVideo Genetec partnership is a win/win on all sides.

Purposeful, High-Resolution Video Recording

Video optimization allows the archivers 23% greater system performance over traditional IT servers. Even when running a product as robust as Genetec Security Center. BCDVideo’s servers have been certified by Genetec to support up to 1000 cameras or 2000 Mbps of throughput. What sets BCDVideo’s archive servers apart is the commitment to scalability, durability, and accountability.

BCDVideo and Genetec look forward to bringing even more technological advances to the security market. While Genetec and BCDVideo continue to play a major role in the world’s security marketplace, the BCDVideo Genetec partnership will continue to drive highly advanced solutions.

1 Gartner, Inc. www.gartner.com


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