I Didn’t Know You Did All That!

Here's an update on what we’re doing here at BCDVideo. With new product lines and unique resources, we know it can be hard to keep track of everything that we do.  That's why we're always hearing people say, "I Didn’t Know You Did All That". Here’s the run down:

Expanded Networking
  • Titan Networking Series – Simple Multicast
    Powered by Avaya Fabric Connect, our brand new networking switches simplify your network with shortest path bridging, enabling high performance multi-path routing in the data center. Five-year warranty.
  • Rigid Switches – Environmentally Hardened
    The challenges of harsh environments will no longer impede high performance and reliability. Redundant power inputs and five-year warranty.
  • IgniteNet – Wireless Solution
    Wireless networking has never been more reliable. Partnering with IgniteNet brings easy-to-setup, scalable indoor and outdoor wireless networking solutions to the security market.


Networking image

Upgraded Rigid Servers

Now offering the largest selection of Rigid Servers and models with up to 16 PoE+ ports, these video surveillance servers deliver flexibility and scalability in the harshest environments.
Check out our Rigid Servers Here.

Rigid Server Series

Unique Resources

Calculator Tool
When designing a security system, network bandwidth requirements and storage space for archiving video are very important parameters. Using the BCDVideo Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, both parameters can be calculated automatically. This smart tool obtains accurate estimations of network bandwidth and storage, and perform many other handy functions to enhance surveillance system design. Check your numbers, day or night.
Get your copy here.


bandwidth and storage calculator image

BCDVideo Goes BIG in EMEA

With our distribution partners in the EMEA security market, more places than ever offer BCDVideo solutions. Our shared dedication to customer service and long-term support makes our relationships mutually beneficial and adds to our already vast global distribution portfolio.

Please contact emea@bcdvideo.com for more details on our distribution partners.