Models available up to 18TBBCD600S

Chicago, IL РApril 3rd, 2015 РBCDVideo released an entry-level video storage line Рthe Value Series Рoffering integrators a platform perfect for retail roll-outs, small business applications, and other sites needing localized storage solutions.

“The term ‘Value’ in the name refers only to the price. This gives us a strong platform in the entry-level market.” states Jeff Burgess, BCDVideo CEO. “We have built a reputation as a performance-driven manufacturer and will never sacrifice performance for the sake of hitting a price point. The Value Series really is the best of both worlds” adds Burgess. “This gives integrators a better choice in video recording on smaller-scale projects that still need sufficient horsepower. Presently, the marketplace seems prone to using generic solutions just to hit a price point, while sacrificing quality and performance.”

The Windows 7-based Value Series is available in both small-form-factor and full-size tower chassis models, the latter being rack-mountable. Tower models include an Intel Core i7 CPU surpassing a 10,000 Passmark rating, solid state drives, and dual network ports. The Value Series top-end 18TB tower model has the capacity to store up to sixteen 5MP cameras for 30 days or eight 720p cameras for up to a year.