1U 2-Bay Rackmount Short Depth Video Appliance

Key Features

  • Up to 36TB of Raw Storage
  • Intel® Core™ 9th Generation Processor
  • Harmonize Bridge, powered by Tiger Technology, for hybrid cloud connectivity

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Multi-Purpose 1U 2-Bay Rackmount Short Depth Video Appliance

Achieve unmatched performance and computing with the VSS-12SD. This 1U 2-bay short depth video recording appliance allows for scalable performance with the latest Intel® 9th generation Core™ processor, providing nearly 20 percent more computing potential than 8th generation processors. With up to 36TB of raw storage provided by (2) 3.5” video grade SATA drives provides ample storage for many video surveillance integrations. Guarantee fast response times and free up system resources with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

System Reliability

System stability, and peace of mind is provided with redundant, hot swappable power supplies, an operating system NVMe M.2 solid state drive, and a five-year, on-site, next business day, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty.


5-Year, On-Site, Next Business Day, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
With Video Storage Solutions’ Keep Your Hard Drive warranty, your sensitive data and hard drive never leave your control. It also helps you comply with current data privacy regulations and internal company policies by ensuring sensitive information on your hard drive is not compromised, mitigating the risk of expensive civil litigation if confidential customer data or intellectual property were to be exposed.