Portable Cooling


Key Features

  • Available model: 12,000 BTU/H
  • 5 year compressor warranty
  • Draws less than 10 amps in most applications
  • Provide cost effective, efficient, and mobile cooling
  • Standard with handle kit and casters
  • UL, cUL listed

SKU: BCD-CoolCube-12

The BCD-CoolCube-12 is the only air conditioning solution in the industry that changes to fit your individual needs. With it’s revolutionary modular design the BCD-CoolCube-12 easily adapts to virtually any application. The BCD-CoolCube-12’s modularity gives it the ability to efficiently cool hot spots at their source making it the number one choice for IT environments.

Whether your telecommunications room is a converted coat closet or a mechanical room, the versatile BCD-CoolCube-12 is ideal for any location, easily fitting into the infrastructure of any building. The BCD-CoolCube-12 protects expensive IT investments from overheating. Studies have shown every 10°C rise in nominal temperatures results in a 50% reduction in the lifetime and long term reliability of IT hardware. The BCD-CoolCube-12 operates down to 65°F, creating the perfect environment for your IT equipment.

Three-Year Product Warranty

Each BCDVideo product line includes a standard hardware warranty upon purchase. Depending on your project needs, BCDVideo can modify this service to include accelerated service levels or extended warranties. Please reach out to your representative for more information.