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The SuperNova Server Series design is specific to enterprise access control applications. This series offers the highest throughput in the industry for video recording. Built with scalability, reliability, and longevity in mind, the SuperNova series offers robust solutions to security integrators. In addition, it’s capable of supporting hundreds of camera streams with built-in intelligent power management capabilities at the CPU and chassis level.

Capitalizing on the enterprise-class multi-core Intel processors, SAS drives, and RAID Controllers built for video streaming, each system is capable of recording up to 1000 high-definition cameras. All covered by a five-year on-site warranty. Keeping the storage within the main server eliminates the need for costlier, less efficient external storage.

Furthermore, load balancing the cameras throughout the server maintains throughput and video rendering quality. Maximum scalability makes following mandated retention time requirements simple and cost-effective. For casinos, airports, arenas, or any site with over 1000 cameras, the SuperNova Server Series provides the video solution right for your project.

Key Features

Warranty IconFive-Year On-Site Warranty

ProcessorProcessor Family: Intel Xeon

Windows IconOperating System: Windows Server 2012 R2

RAIDRAID levels up to: 0,1,5,6,10

Vertical Markets

government video surveillanceGovernment

transit video surveillanceTransit

large venue video surveillanceLarge Venue

healthcare video surveillanceHealthcare