Standby Small Form UPS System

  • Standby Small Form UPS System
  • Standby Small Form UPS System


Key Features

  • 800VA (480W) Capacity
  • USB Interface and Communications
  • Auto Restart Functionality
  • Discharge, Overcharge, Short Circuit, Thermal Protection
  • Cold Start from Battery


The compact floor, desk, or wall mount BCD-XST UPS is a single phase standby UPS designed to deliver power protection to network switches, workstations, and other connected video devices. Vital to any IP video system, it provides full protection against discharge, overcharge, short-circuit, and thermal damage.

RoHS Compliant

Two-Year Product Warranty

Each BCDVideo product line includes a standard hardware warranty uponpurchase. Depending on your project needs, BCDVideo can modify this service to include accelerated service levels or extended warranties. Please reach out to your representative for more information.