Apollo Server Series

Apollo Server Series

  • 5-Year On-Site, NBD,
    Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
  • 12G SAS Drives
  • iDRAC Enterprise

Aurora Server Series image

Aurora Server Series

  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty
  • SATA Helium Drives
  • RAID Options 0,1,5,6,10
  • Redundant Power

Rigid Server Series collage

Rigid Server Series

  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Intel Core Processors
  • Up to 12TB Raw Storage
  • Up to 16 PoE+ Ports

Neptune Server Series

Neptune Server Series

  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty
  • Video Surveillance Grade Drives
  • iDRAC Enterprise
  • Intel Processors

Nova Server Series image

Nova Server Series

  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty
  • SAS Helium Drives
  • RAID Options up to 0,1,5,6,10
  • Redundant Power

Nova Storage Series

Nova Storage Series

  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty
  • (4) 16Gb Fibre Channel Ports
  • RAID Levels: 0,1,3,5,6,10, & 50
  • Expansions Available

Orion Server Series image

Orion Server Series

  • 3-Year Parts Warranty
  • 24/7 Surveillance Grade Drives
  • Capacity up to 56TB
  • RAM up to 16GB

SuperNova Server Series image

SuperNova Server Series

  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty
  • SAS Drives
  • Capacity up to 224TB
  • Redundant Power

IP Video Surveillance Servers & Storage

The IP video server is the heart of any video surveillance project. It communicates directly with networks, monitors, cameras, and every part in between. Choosing the best video server for your security system project is essential and can affect the number of cameras, resolution, FPS (frames per second), and motion-based recording.

IP video surveillance systems generate massive amounts of critical, sensitive data. As a result, capturing, protecting, and mobilizing this data is essential. And, an impossible task for regular IT framework. White box video servers and storage solutions – including DAS (NVR), SAN, NAS – are not designed for write-intensive 24/7 IP video surveillance workloads.

High-performance quad-core processors from Intel ensure BCDVideo servers are the fastest and most powerful in the video surveillance market. Moreover, the ever-increasing quality of cameras and the transition from analog to digital requires computing power that can support large-scale surveillance.

In the security market, systems must be purpose-built to optimize for high availability, continuous write performance, and advanced data protection. Otherwise, end-users are highly vulnerable to losses, liabilities, and business interruptions. PoE systems use existing infrastructure to save time and money on installation.

The demand for surveillance systems is growing every day around the world. IP video surveillance is easier with BCDVideo’s full line of video servers. Starting with the budget-friendly Orion Series and ending with the mission critical Nova Storage, BCDVideo has the IP video surveillance servers & storage solutions you need. All video solutions get backed by BCDVideo’s onsite, global warranty.