State of the Market: Insights from Hassan Makki

Nov 3, 2021 | Blog

This week, the BCD team sat down with Hassan Makki, our new Regional Sales Manager covering the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Russia. The aim of the discussion was to account for the evolution of the video security market, trending technologies, and particular customer interests.

Makki, who is based in the UAE, has 15 years of security industry experience. Makki served as Regional Sales Manager at Dell Technologies for eight years and as Business Development Manager for Axis Communications before that, where he worked with channel partners and handled distribution, A&E, and ADP programs within specific territories in the Gulf Coast Council. His expertise in Video Surveillance, IoT, Computer Vision, and Smart Cities makes him a perfect addition to the team that will be dedicated to expanding BCD’s presence in the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Turkey (MERAT).

The Evolution of Video Security

“Since the emergence of IP technology, our particular market—purpose-built video data infrastructure solutions—has been evolving and transforming itself by necessity,” says Makki. “In the beginning, evolution mostly meant transitioning analog systems to interconnected, IoT infrastructures. Now, with the explosion of ultra-HD cameras, integrated with analytics, applications have had to accommodate an ever-growing need both for scalability and reliability.”

Makki explained that on the customer side, this need has manifested in increased demand for analytics applications, which ultimately require stable, reliable, and high-performing video data infrastructure to provide accurate results. This is what BCD is all about.

The Impact of COVID-19

“While the pandemic has slowed this transformation in our region, it has also had a positive impact on our business,” Makki said. “More than anything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened customers’ eyes to the fact that security is not only about surveillance cameras: It involves full ecosystems of interconnected applications and devices, designed to fulfill a host of dynamic and immediate needs, such as elevated-skin-temperature detection, crowd control, to name a few.”

Makki noted that while the pandemic may be far from over, there are still countless industries and businesses coming back to a sense of normality, meaning the need to tackle unresolved security issues and reignite pending projects will only continue to grow.

Looking Forward

“Today, I’ve seen customers move away from standalone systems to transform their system designs into smarter enterprise security solutions to respond to new and different needs that have arisen,” Makki said. “I think Intersec Dubai, by now a highly anticipated event, is going to be a great opportunity to see the new innovations in our industry. I anticipate it being an important moment, where every attendee might get a pulse on how much the industry has had to change since the initial outbreak of COVID-19.  It also will be critical for us at BCD to remind both our customers and partners that the heart of our mission hasn’t changed.”

Makki reiterated that BCD’s number one goal is and always will be to provide safety and security to customers, partners, and communities. BCD will continue to introduce solutions that set a higher standard of performance and ease of use for a superior customer experience.


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