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Why BCD?

Innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions.

Guaranteed calculations and performance

Every system is expertly designed to meet your project site specifications—no matter the VMS or camera count.

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Warranties that lower the total cost of ownership

Our BCDVideo appliances come with a 5-year, on-site, next business day, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty to lower your TCO and give you greater peace of mind.

Certified & validated VMS performance

We test and validate every appliance to ensure they meet the performance requirements of the VMS and project site.

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Global supply chain

With an average of 5 days to ship, we can land our appliances anywhere in the world weeks before our competitors.

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Pre- and post-sales technical support

All BCD appliances are backed by lifetime support and we are your first call.

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Secure build cycle

From data encryption to our proprietary supply chain declaration, our cybersecurity focus is always one step ahead of the next intrusive system threat.

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Enterprise video recording servers

Purpose-built and customized IP video data solutions designed for security integrators.

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REVOLV consolidates multiple workloads and provides a new powerful option for companies who want to independently increase or scale one virtual hardware system without increasing or scaling another.

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Enterprise video workstations

Pre-engineered video appliances sold exclusively through our authorized global security distributors.

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Customize Genetec Security Center with Pre-Engineered Macros

BCD has developed exclusive pre-engineered macros that users can simply integrate into their Genetec Security Center platform. Although these are out-of-the-box macros, BCD also has an experienced software engineering team that is accepting custom software requests for Genetec Security Center projects. We are here to help you solve your integration challenges, creatively.


Harmonize Bridge

Extend your on-prem storage to the private or public cloud provider of your choice while maintaining legacy applications and workflows. Gain peace of mind with instant disaster recovery. Powered by Tiger Technology.

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Harmonize iDRAC

Proactively monitor iDRAC features and predict hardware failures seamlessly within your preferred VMS, as well as through Windows Server 2019 and now Windows 10/11.

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COVID-19 Macro

Streamline COVID-related access control rules by automatically pushing permissions directly to the access control system without the involvement of a security practitioner or administrator.

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What challenges are you facing?

From our Customer Success and Professional Services teams to our A&E Task Force, our team of security experts are here to help solve your problems and ensure project success.

“BCD has been a crucial part of our pre-sales and deployment ecosystem since we first opened; their expertise and pre-sales support has helped us better serve our clients without having to make expensive hires internally. Our project team loves working with them with their quick shipping, and in the rare cases where we needed tech support their staff have been phenomenal in fixing all sorts of problems- even when it wasn’t caused by their hardware.”

Matthew Netardus

System Design, Security 101


BCD Announces Release of Milestone XProtect ® Rapid Review Analytics Servers in Collaboration with NIT, an Ingram Micro Company

BCD Announces Release of Milestone XProtect ® Rapid Review Analytics Servers in Collaboration with NIT, an Ingram Micro Company

This series consists of four standalone analytics servers that have been designed, tested, and validated in BCD’s testing centers to withstand some of the most demanding video surveillance applications. Within the META region, this product portfolio will be made available exclusively through NIT, an Ingram Micro company (NIT), and a leading distributor of complete IP surveillance and security solutions across the region.

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Impact of Downtime: Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

Impact of Downtime: Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

Given the 24x7x365 nature of business today, uptime and availability of video surveillance systems play an important role in determining the success of many organizations. Yet downtime happens, its reasons vary from sudden hardware failure to human error. When a system goes down, it can deny access to mission-critical video, leading to loss of safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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Hardware Failure: Costly and Common

Hardware Failure: Costly and Common

While not every hardware failure is as dramatic as that one, consequences of IT hardware failure here on earth can be “astronomical” as well — lost productivity and revenue, expensive repairs and even legal or contractual liabilities being among them. Not only are video hardware failures costly, but they are also common when the hardware is not purpose-built.

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