Enterprise Performance Series

Secure and reliable video-grade hardware is crucial for video data storage, accessibility and management in Internet Protocol (IP) video systems. With BCD’s hybrid cloud-ready enterprise IP video solutions, you can manage hundreds to thousands of cameras from a single network and store and retrieve your video and audio data effortlessly. 

BCD’s line of Enterprise Performance Series video appliances offers secure, ready-to-deploy video recording solutions pre-loaded with Harmonize Bridge for hybrid cloud connectivity and disaster recovery. Our Enterprise Performance Series appliances are backed by a five-year Keep Your Hard Drive warranty with lifetime support. Whether you need entry-level, professional or enterprise video appliances, contact our team to tailor a solution to your project environment. 

Enterprise Video Systems for All Applications

Video data is a core component of physical security, process management and beyond. Enterprise cloud video storage and management systems offer the versatility to use in many applications. 

  • Video surveillance: Access security camera footage in real-time or review old footage to analyze incidents. 
  • Access control: Collect video data that security personnel or artificial intelligence (AI) can use to inspect individuals requesting access and permit or deny the request.
  • Video analytics: Save video and use management software that enables seamless analysis and agile decision-making.
  • Data center archiving: Transfer video data from data center servers to a specialized storage and management system.
  • Law enforcement: Store video evidence in a system with the capacity and management features to support efficient recall and analysis.
  • Building automation system management: Integrate the video management system (VMS) with building automation sensors to detect critical incidents. 
  • Object or anomaly detection: Program AI to recognize motion or anomalies and communicate alerts through the VMS. 
  • Perimeter safety: Monitor the property’s perimeter in collaboration with detection and response systems that protect your facility. 
  • Traffic management: View traffic in real-time to improve incident response times, then use stored data to analyze traffic patterns and plan improvement projects. 

Purpose-Built, Performance Driven

Purpose-built and optimized for a variety of VMS applications, our line of Enterprise Performance Series appliances comes with BCD’s exclusive Harmonize Conductor Suite. This technology enables iDRAC server management or RMM full system management, hybrid cloud connectivity and instant disaster recovery.

We build our appliances using the latest Intel®️ processors. Our Intel-backed appliances are capable of recording more channels with higher throughput than any comparable solution on the market.


Enterprise Video Solutions From BCD

You can find a comprehensive selection of top-of-the-line video solutions for your enterprise within BCD’s product portfolio. Our leading-edge solutions deliver guaranteed performance that you can trust for various video storage and management applications. 

You can find all of the following products within our extensive selection.

BCD-1000R front image

BCD offers entry-level, professional and enterprise-level video recording servers for your most demanding needs. You can use video recording appliances to access recorded or real-time audio and video for all enterprise video storage and management applications.


Video workstations are vital for video storage systems, influencing the quality of the video viewing experience. Our dependable workstations deliver exceptional computing and decoding performance and scalability at a cost-effective price, enabling you to keep up with the demands of your most pressing video projects. All of our solutions are equipped with the latest NVIDIA®️ GPUs and Intel®️ Core™ processors.

Enterprise 4U 80 Bay Scale Out NAS Storage

You can ensure your video data is fully secure with video recording storage solutions from BCD. Our products boast superior data protection, scalability and management capabilities and allow users to protect large data volumes simply and affordably. 

We offer the following types of video storage solutions:

  • Storage area network (SAN) storage arrays
  • Scale-out network attached storage (NAS)
  • BCDVideo Accelerators (BVAs)

Our networking solutions have many innovative features, such as several port density and form factor options, large power over Ethernet (PoE) budgets and high availability.

You can find the following network switches in our inventory:

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network switches
  • Hardened switches
  • Dell networking switches
  • Finisar network support products
HES02 Front

These video recording servers can operate in extreme environmental conditions with optimal reliability and performance. Our purpose-built servers are equipped with 7th Generation Intel®️ Core™ processors, enabling them to endure mobile deployments and resource-intensive operations. 

We carry two-bay and four-bay small form factor harsh environment servers.


Our All-in-One NVRs are BCD’s first ODM appliance, designed to simplify the deployment and management of video recording and storage systems for SMBs. With options for an 8- or 24-port switch embedded in the system, the AIO brings video management, network and storage all into one plug-and-play appliance. Like all other BCD appliances, the AIOs are cyber-hardened and hybrid cloud-compatible. 

Why Choose BCD’s Enterprise Video Appliances? 

BCD’s purpose-built video recording servers lead the industry’s best solutions for affordability, performance and quality. Our video recording servers can support four to 4,000+ security cameras, allowing users to optimize bandwidth for many applications and markets. 

When you order IP Video Data Infrastructure solutions from us, we’ll ship your appliances directly to you in five days or less — not weeks or months. Our global footprint expands across 91 countries. With a 5-year, next business day, on-site, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty and lifetime technical support, you can enjoy peace of mind.

BCD also has longstanding technology partnerships with leading VMS platform providers like Milestone Systems and Genetec to ensure our hardware solutions support the leading software solutions.

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You can achieve cutting-edge video recording for your enterprise applications with video servers from BCD. We’re more than just a hardware provider. When you partner with us, we’ll support you with white-glove service to ensure your needs are being met.

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