Harsh Environment Servers

Hardware failure exposes your facility to threats, so it’s important to design your video storage solution around reliable equipment, especially in harsh environmental conditions. At BCD, we offer harsh environment servers that host reliable video processes, including analytics and data storage. Our ruggedized servers will keep your security system operational despite extreme weather conditions, chemical exposure and mechanical stress.


Small Form Factor (SFF) Rugged Servers

Although SFF ruggedized servers are smaller than ordinary desktop computers, they offer the same computing power plus BCD’s added protection to withstand harsh environments. These computers are ideal for demanding environments where a regular desktop PC would not survive. The small form factor design of our rugged rackmount servers makes them suitable for deployments with tight space constraints.

The size of these computers does not diminish their potential. SFF servers rise to any challenge, handling heavy workloads and offering top-notch performance. When you implement BCD’s SFF Servers into your client’s security system, you can count on them to withstand harsh conditions such as vibrations, excessive humidity, dust, debris, extreme shock and inclement weather.

Another advantage of these compact SFF servers is that they require fewer fans to stay cool and consume less power. These servers are also lighter than other computers, making it easier to mount, install and transport them. All these features make BCD’s SFF Harsh Environment Servers ideal for any industry requiring heavy-duty video data infrastructure.


HES Appliance Portfolio

BCD offers a variety of industrial servers that are purpose-built to endure extreme conditions and mobile deployments. Built with Intel®️ Core™ processors, these appliances are designed to operate under a wide temperature range for resource-intensive applications. BCD’s line of harsh environment servers set the industry standard for performance, quality and reliability.

Why Choose Our Rugged Servers?

BCD understands the importance of durable, high-performance equipment when setting up a system in a rugged environment. Our range of harsh environment servers provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Additional protection: Our HES products are kitted with an IP40 rating and protect the unit from debris larger than 1 millimeter, making them suitable for dusty and windy environments.
  • Warranty: Security professionals can look forward to a two-year warranty on all our harsh environment servers, effective from the day of purchase.
  • Cooling capabilities: Are you looking for security hardware that can withstand extreme heat? Our fanless harsh environment servers come with high-performance cooling systems capable of dissipating heat in environments with poor airflow.
  • Advanced, high-performance processors: Our ruggedized servers have advanced 6th- and 10th-generation Intel® Core™ Processors, enabling them to keep up with heavy-duty industries with high-security demands.
  • Reliable video data infrastructure: Harsh environments may interfere with your video data. Our servers are specifically designed to provide uncompromised video data in areas with unpredictable elements.
  • Remote operation: You can use our harsh environment servers from any location, and they will continue to operate smoothly. All our ruggedized servers come with Harmonize RMM tools, allowing users to monitor and manage all assets from one computer or smartphone.

Choose Trusted Security Solutions From BCD

At BCD, we value all projects, no matter how big or small. We focus on providing purpose-driven solutions that make a difference to every security system. You can count on our extensive customer service to provide technical support whenever you need it — before, during and after the sale. Our support team will work with you to ensure seamless operation. Contact us online to discuss your next deployment.