Professional Services

BCDVideo Professional Services is an offering to support the security integrators during Planning, Design, and Implementation phases of the project.

Level 1 Networking Support

This would consist of basic help desk support of the network, IP addressing checks, a quick review of the network health by getting remote access or walking on-site tech through a few of the show commands to check the status of the interfaces and configuration. Review of any monitoring solutions that are in place such as SNMP, Syslog audits, and reported errors on the console or within the syslog environment.

Level 1 Server-Storage Support

This would consist of basic LUN/server communication iSCSI, Fiber Channel communication, on the server side proper configuration of the Operating system by review event logs, basic network communication to the default gateway by reviewing ipconfig, network configuration, and review configuration of Storage environment.

Network Assessment

This will consist of an onsite review (one day) of reviewing previous network layout if this is not a Greenfield (NEW) implementation, reviewing current configuration to audit and validate the current setup is conducive of a BCDVideo Video surveillance network. Validate network software and if any bugs within the software or if any network roadblocks, develop project timeline on the length of the project.

Network Design/Architecting

This will consist of a full network audit of what is present, then a detailed design recommended BCDVideo Video surveillance network certification design Layer 2 or Layer 3, any architecture from an engineering perspective that includes recommendations, building and putting the bill of material together, communicating with the Vendors and dealing with the latest design techniques.

Network Architecture Designs & Drawings (Visio)

BCDVideo Professional Services will provide an in-depth network Visio drawing that includes all network equipment, BCDVideo servers, a high-level depiction of the camera’s and how they connect to the network, and storage arrays.

Unicast/Multicast Video Network with Quality of Service Design/Architecting/Implementation

With over 10 years’ experience design and architecting the world’s largest Multicast and unicast networks, BCDVideo professional services will deploy all the latest and best technique to scale and optimize your network to support Video streaming within your network. We will deploy it from racking and stacking to programming the switches and storage environments.

IP Video Routing Design and Implementation

Video is a burst application and many network engineers fail to identify how a video network should be designed from a routing standpoint, we will help you choose the best routing design and implementation that entail quality of services, load balancing techniques for high availability in a failure scenario, fast reroute to the video stream convergence from source and destination happens as optimal as possible, to scaling out network to support 50 – 10,000 video channels.

Wireless Site Survey

We provide a Wireless site survey to environments that need wireless support, this will consist of our Wireless questionnaire to be used to qualify any of our proposed bill of material and length of the project. The answer we receive from the questionnaire we will be able to move to the planning phase. The design will take into account signal strength, lack of signal coverage, proper location for the Access Points, any interferences between the Access Points, RF leakage, and the data speed values for the planned Access Point implementation. We can support passive and active surveying.

Wireless Deployment and Implementation

BCDVideo Professional Services will provide network drawings of the wireless solution, a bill of materials for the Wireless products utilized. Deployment of the solution would include configuration of the wireless Access Points and LAN Controller.

Server / Storage Design / Architecting / Implementation

BCDVideo will design the server/storage solution from end to end. The design will take into account bandwidth ingress and egress from the server/storage and design the solution around the proper architecture. The architecture designs would be Distributed, Centralized or Hybrid. (Mixture of distributed with Near Line or Cloud storage)

Pre-configured Unicast/Multicast Networks from BCDVideo Labs

For large-scale deployments that are in need off-site configurations for both unicast and multicast video deployments, our BCDVideo Professional Services team will design, configure and build an end-to-end solution after the in-depth network assessment workshop for environments that request these services. The benefit of this solution integrators can go on-site and follow the Visio network map, plug, and play.

On-line Networking Training for IP Video Deployments

Later in 2018, BCDVideo will be initiating on-line training on basic layer 2 unicast/multicast network deployments. Included among the curriculum that this training will cover will be setting up a proper spanning-tree, layer 2 security, how to design a layer 2 topology, an overview of IGMP snooping and how it works, and IGMP protocol.

On-Site Networking Training for IP Video Deployments

Later in 2018, BCDVideo’s Network Labs will be virtually hosting in on-site training in order to offer integrators a hands-on experience implementing layer 2/3 unicast/multicast video networks.