BCD has a decade-old, pre-surveillance history of designing high-availability datacenter servers, as well as our IT-centric understanding of hardware and server applications. With a cybersecurity mindset already engraved in our production and design culture, it allows us to remain vastly ahead of the competition.

From data encryption to our proprietary supply chain declaration, our cybersecurity focus is always driving us to be one step ahead of the next intrusive system threat. BCD leverages Dell’s Secure technology offerings to provide robust layers of security across hardware and firmware. BCD also uses Intel’s Threat Detection Technology (TDT) that harnesses hardware telemetry to help identify threats and detect anomalous activity. All of this is what allows our product lifecycles to flourish past any solutions provider in the video surveillance storage industry.

Secure System Infrastructure + Secure Build Cycle

  • Hardware root of trust enabled with secure boot options
  • Digitally signed UEFI drivers firmware updates
  • Optional system secure boot with TPM enabled features
  • Operating system secure boot policy enabled options
  • CVE updated and patched system images
  • Ongoing system image updates and security evaluations
  • Optional hard drive encryption and enterprise key management
  • TAA/NDAA compliant hardware is available
  • Optional limited hardware ports of entry

Supply Chain Security

  • Direct and in-channel equipment sourcing from ODM partners
  • CCTV monitored warehouse, staging and build facilities to ensure no tampering
  • Controlled access to facilities
  • Screening and inspection of cargo at entry

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