Bandwidth and Storage Calculator

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When designing a security system, network bandwidth requirements and storage space for archiving video are two very important parameters. No matter the size of the project BCD’s team can create a design guarantee based on the calculation outputs. From small to large deployments, understanding the bandwidths helps determine the size of the system, the type of components as well as the total number of systems required. The bandwidth total coupled with the bandwidth helps make those qualifying decisions. After that point, our team takes the storage amount and applies RAID requirements for the project to calculate the total amount of disks needed to provide enough storage. By using the BCDVideo Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, both parameters can be calculated automatically*.

A Smart Tool

The Bandwidth and Storage Calculator obtains accurate estimations of network bandwidth and storage and performs many other handy functions to enhance surveillance system design. Get estimations of required network bandwidth to shape network video systems with any number of IP cameras and video servers. Calculate the required HDD storage space for the video archive. Some factors to consider for calculations:

  • Number of cameras
  • Camera resolution: Higher resolution provides a clearer and more detailed image and requires more storage
  • Type of video compression: H.264, or H.265 (if supported by VMS)
  • Retention Times: How much archived video will be stored and for how long?
  • Frames per second: Higher frame rates require more bandwidth to record smoother movement
  • How often is video being recorded? Will the recording be continuous or event-based?

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