The Harmonize Remote Monitoring and Management Plug-In

If a camera or network port fails in the middle of the night, it’s possible that it will go unnoticed for a few hours – or even days, which can be detrimental to your business. 

BCD’s exclusive RMM tool connects every aspect of your security environment into one central management hub so you can easily monitor and manage your video surveillance system, whether you are on or off-site. With custom telemetry and alerts sent straight to your phone when a threshold is met, users can proactively monitor and manage their video surveillance system to maximize uptime and provide peace of mind.

Every BCD system comes pre-loaded with 20 free licenses! To activate existing licenses or purchase additional licensing, please reach out below.


What Is the Harmonize RMM Plug-In?

Harmonize RMM is a plug-in designed to reduce risk and simplify system monitoring and management. BCD’s exclusive RMM tool connects every aspect of your security environment into one central management hub. Whether you want to monitor your cameras, available storage on a hard drive, the temperature of your server, network connectivity and more, users can set the thresholds and monitor system activity in real-time.

With the ability to set custom telemetry thresholds, security professionals can prevent considerable downtime by getting notified directly via SMS or email if something goes wrong with their surveillance system so you can fix any issues in a matter of minutes – not hours or even days.

Harmonize RMM Plug-In Features

Similar to Harmonize iDRAC, Harmonize RMM offers a simplified single-pane-of-glass management experience. When you upgrade to Harmonize RMM, you gain access to more features than ever before in a VMS-agnostic environment.

  • Integration with existing iDRAC applications
  • Custom telemetry configurations
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Text message or email alerts
  • Simplified dashboard view
  • Real-time system health updates
  • Single-pane-of-glass monitoring
  • Ability to connect all hardware, including servers, workstations, cameras, and networking
  • Wide-reaching compatibility with industry-leading VMS providers, including Genetec, Avigilon, Milestone, Digifort, and more!

Upgrade Harmonize RMM For More Advanced Features

If you are working with a complex enterprise system and want to keep tabs on more than just your system appliances, you can upgrade your Harmonize RMM licensing! Users who upgrade their licensing can also integrate the everything from HVAC to door control into their systems as well. When you unlock the full potential of Harmonize RMM, you can integrate:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • HVAC
  • Alarm
  • Messaging
  • Fire Systems
  • Patient Telemetry
  • Lighting
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Door Control
  • Nurses Call Station
  • RTLS (Real Time Location Services)
  • Perimeter & Intrusion Detection
  • Intercom & Paging
  • Duress
  • Telemetry
  • Elevators
  • Medical Emergency
  • Network Switches
  • Servers
  • Power Distribution
  • Utility & HVAC Control

Looking for additional licenses? Get in touch with our team to expand your RMM capabilities.