9 August 2022

Dear valued customer,

BCD has become aware of certain misinformation being disseminated resulting in ongoing market confusion as it relates to BCD’s involvement, or lack thereof, regarding Genetec’s StreamvaultTM system. As many of you know, for almost a decade prior to January 2022, BCD was building and co-selling certain security systems for Genetec, including its StreamvaultTM system. However, for various business-related reasons, this arrangement ceased in January 2022 and BCD has not sold or built any systems for Genetec since February 2022. Despite parting ways with Genetec, BCD still supports all of the StreamvaultTM systems it built prior to February 2022 and will continue to do so throughout the duration of each system’s respective warranty.

As for any StreamvaultTM or other similar systems purchased from Genetec (or one of its affiliated re-sellers) subsequent to February 2022, any such systems were not built by BCD nor does BCD have any affiliation or warranties as it relates to any such systems. To that end, despite what you may have recently heard, BCD has no involvement or affiliation with any issues customers are currently facing regarding supply chain or any other constraints related to any Genetec systems purchased subsequent to February 2022.

To the contrary, for those customers familiar with “The BCD Difference”, we recently announced the Enterprise Performance Series portfolio of products, built to maximize enterprise-level Video Management Software such as Security CenterTM and many other state-of-the-art products!  BCD has all of these products in-stock and we guarantee receipt in 10 days or less for any orders being shipped within North America.

BCD prides itself on not only providing its customers with the highest quality products, but with the highest quality customer service as well and we are dedicated to providing the same to you for many years to come.

Reach out to us for more information about BCD’s performance guaranteed solutions. Built to your expectations, delivered on time.