Industries Served

Whether you’re designing a project with four cameras or more than 4,000, BCD is proud to serve every industry from small, local businesses to government entities and smart cities. With small-scale solutions like the All-in-One NVR to highly-available virtual infrastructure that can scale easily with the size of your growing operations, contact our team to find the solution that’s right for your business.

Arenas and Large Event Venues

From crowd control to threat detection, the role of video surveillance in arenas and other large event venues is critical. When thousands of people gather together in large venues, video analytics plays a huge role in improving operational efficiencies, monitoring restricted areas and keeping an eye in the sky out for persons of interest. BCD provides highly-available solutions that are validated with leading video analytics, VMS, and access control platforms that are designed to maximize uptime and protect your critical video data.


In the gaming industry, having 24/7 surveillance is critical in preventing theft, cheating, and other potential incidents. If a camera or even a server fails in a casino, it may require the, to partially or fully shut down operations until the system is fixed – which can result in thousand of dollars in lost revenue or even legal reparations. BCD offers highly-available video surveillance solutions that provide disaster recovery and failover for any on-premises, cloud, and virtual architecture.


From cultivation to retail, the cannabis industry is a heavily regulated sector when it comes to video surveillance. With longer data retention requirements and a need for detailed insights on personnel in each facility, inventory levels, and tampering-prevention, users in the cannabis industry need secure and reliable solutions to meet all of the demanding regulations. All BCD systems are hybrid-cloud compatible and have been validated to perform with industry-leading VMS platforms, ensuring you have a scalable system that can provide you with all the insights you need.


Construction sites need 24/7 surveillance that provides project managers with insights on what is happening on-site and how to improve operations. From deterring theft of construction materials to capturing on-site injuries or even finding ways to reduce travel time and improve traffic flow, reliable video surveillance solutions are a must. BCD solutions help minimize downtime and ensure your data is always accessible. With integrations like Harmonize RMM, users have access to real-time details on their system health to make sure video data isn’t lost.


One of the main issues facing correctional facilities is budget constraints that limit their ability to upgrade their video surveillance systems. Many facilities are still holding onto outdated and unreliable analog systems that can impact the quality of data. However, surveillance in correctional facilities is critical to the safety of both staff and inmates and must be properly maintained. BCD offers a wide range of solutions that can replace outdated legacy systems and lower your total cost of ownership for years to come.


Regardless of if you’re designing a system for K-12 or higher education campuses, video surveillance and analytics play an imperative role in protecting students and faculty. From detecting illicit behavior to identifying trespassers or even monitoring bus traffic, a reliable video surveillance system is critical. Whether your campus needs cloud storage for future scalability or video analytics to provide valuable insights, BCD provides secure solutions for education facilities of any size. Read our solution brief focusing on the growing importance of video surveillance in the K-12 space here.


In healthcare facilities, time is of the essence, and having a scalable video surveillance solution that can provide valuable insights is crucial to improving operational efficiency and keeping patients safe. With validated analytics solutions that can provide real-time insights on emergencies, inventory levels, or helping reduce exposure to infectious diseases, BCD provides highly-available solutions to help healthcare facilities focus on what matters most – patient care.


Behind construction, manufacturing is among the most dangerous industries. A high-quality video surveillance system is critical in ensuring the safety of employees, operations, and deliveries. Manufacturing facilities often require bandwidth-intensive applications with minimal latency to continuously process video streams from hundreds of cameras at all times. BCD’s hybrid cloud-compatible solutions provide more bandwidth than other solutions on the market, ensuring your system can keep up with the demanding needs of your manufacturing facility.

Energy Sector

Video surveillance and analytics are imperative for critical infrastructure sites, such as the energy sector. Whether you’re working with fossil fuels, nuclear or renewable energy, having a security system that can help identify unwanted visitors or provide evidence in the event of an incident is key to keeping the project site and staff safe. BCD offers highly-available solutions that ensure mission-critical data is always accessible, in addition to validated solutions from top video analytics providers that make gathering actionable insights easy for any environment.

Finance and Banking

When it comes to financial institutions, the need for easy-to-use, secure video surveillance systems in non-negotiable for protecting valuable assets. From theft to data leaks, financial institutions are often a target for attacks. BCD provides cyber-hardened and cloud-ready video surveillance solutions that prevent hackers from stealing critical information as well as provide immediate disaster recovery through the cloud.

Public Transit

According to the American Public Transportation Association, public transit is 10x safer than traveling with a personal vehicle and nearly 24 million people utilize public transportation every day. With a powerful video surveillance system and video analytics providing insights on improving traffic flow, threat detection, and occupancy levels, commuters are safer than ever. BCD provides cloud-based solutions and harsh environment mobile servers that can operate under the constraints of any mode of transportation, from train stations to airports and more.

Government and Military

From military bases to municipalities, BCD provides cyber-hardened solutions to secure any government facility. With NDAA and TAA-compliant appliances, harsh environment servers and switches that can withstand the most taxing environments, and highly-available virtual solutions that provide automatic failover, our solutions secure your critical data no matter what.


In the past year, 54% of small business owners have reported an increase in theft. Regardless of the size of your business, an easy-to-use and reliable surveillance system is key to protecting your business from deterring theft to monitoring inventory levels and access to restricted areas. BCD offers a wide range of entry-level servers, workstations, and plug-and-play NVR appliances that combine storage, video management, and networking all in one device, making it easy to secure any small business.

Smart Cities

As urban populations continue to rise, more and more cities are adopting a smart city surveillance model. Smart cities are meant to improve safety, efficiency, and livability in densely populated and high-traffic areas, and can often have hundreds of thousands of cameras. Being able to easily monitor and manage devices from one central location is key to making sure the eyes on our city are always alert and vigilant. That’s why BCD’s Harmonize Remote Monitoring and Management tool is critical – from cameras to servers and even network appliances, Harmonize RMM allows users to set custom telemetry thresholds to alert security professionals about offline or at-risk appliances with a single text message.