Technical Support

BCDVideo is your partner to offer support with any of our products – both pre and post-sale. BCDVideo provides video surveillance technical support with expertise in IP video security, networking, storage, and more.

BCDVideo’s video recording platform products all come standard with lifetime telephone support. In addition to traditional phone support, BCDVideo offers a five-year worldwide on-site warranty. The BCDVideo features embedded in the systems allow for remote access, remote video recovery, and full system monitoring.

If you are uncertain of the nature of your issue, BCDVideo video surveillance technical support can remotely execute diagnostic testing to help determine the cause of the problem. Many times the issue can be resolved over the phone or via an updated firmware patch. If it is determined that there is a hardware issue with the unit, you will have all of the information needed to initiate that service call. With BCDVideo’s available technology, there should never be a reason to go on-site either before or after the service call is made.