Security Technology in the Cannabis Industry

The legalization of cannabis by many states calls for more stringent regulations in the cannabis industry. Video surveillance is one key requirement when running a cannabis dispensary or grow operation. Beyond complying with government mandates, investing in innovative security technology and video surveillance systems improves risk management for better industry success. 

Strict Industry Guidelines for Cannabis

Facilities that handle the growth, storage and selling of cannabis have a certain set of security regulations to follow. These rules are relevant to ensure safe operations and protection among employees and customers.

For example, Illinois requires craft growers to have a fully operational, well-maintained CCTV unit. The video monitoring for cannabis growers needs to be working 24/7 to record every section of the building, including:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Parking lot areas
  • Rear alleys
  • Facility interior
  • Areas with limited access

Along with the comprehensive coverage of surveillance systems, the government reiterates the importance of high-quality facial and body images displayed in the video. Camera and video retention varies depending on the state. Collectively, video surveillance footage needs to be accessible from 45 to 90 days or more. With such strict regulations, the cannabis industry can turn to BCD to provide superior surveillance hardware and software solutions.

Key Capabilities of BCD Solutions

Our wide range of solutions adhere to government protocols to prevent legal ramifications. Discover the attributes of BCD systems that resolve security needs in the cannabis industry:

  • NDAA- and TAA-compliant products: As an industry leader in cutting-edge security deployments, we support the government in the rising concerns around security. We provide servers, workstations and network switches that comply with government regulations.
  • Cyber-hardened appliances: Our integrated systems ensure protection against threats and infiltrations. In 2023, we achieved a cyber hardening certification, highlighting our dedication to secure surveillance systems.
  • Compatibility with various solutions: We validated BCD systems with top VMS and video analytics and access control solutions for seamless processing. Some software that matches with BCD includes Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone and Salient.
  • Streamlined system management: Harmonize RMM ensures full system health monitoring and predictive failure pre- and post-sales support. It seamlessly weaves every device in your system into a single dashboard, allowing you to manage system health 24/7/365.

Cannabis Security Solutions for Any Facility

As cannabis organizations are expected to comply with all camera and video retention protocols, this can pose a challenge, especially for new operations. At BCD, we make it easy by providing recommended surveillance systems that address cannabis dispensary security requirements. Here are two solutions for cannabis facility and dispensary video security needs.

Environmentally Hardened Small Form Factor Video Server

Surveillance HA: On Premises, Zero-Loss Failover

Choose Surveillance HA for optimized video recording with maximum flexibility. This unique solution includes Milestone XProtect® with Zero-Loss Failover, with two failover configurations — symmetrical and asymmetrical:

  • Symmetrical: Primary and secondary servers have the same configurations, making it look like a single machine. The software solution clusters two servers to identify and act on failover easily. If the primary server fails, the second server works immediately to bridge any data gap and ensure continuous recording from the same camera. The transfer of server operation only takes a couple seconds to minimize downtime. 
  • Asymmetrical: This setup is non-cluster, meaning the primary and secondary servers are independent configurations. As such, it reports to different servers. The asymmetrical configuration offers flexibility if the camera feed is unavailable via the primary server by rerouting it to the secondary server for continuous recording.

Deepstor® External Storage

Keep all video data for long-term storage with Deepstor®, a new generation of external storage designed for video recording requirements and an archival environment. These solutions offer the following features:

  • Extensive storage capabilities: Our Deepstor® solutions deliver petabyte-scale storage that is ideal for video footage retention requirements in the cannabis industry.
  • Adaptability with the cloud: This SAN solution is adaptable with the cloud for added efficiency. The hybrid cloud system improves your video data capabilities, from optimized scalability to file path continuity and added data security. 
  • Self-healing technology: The ADAPT erasure coding attribute of Deepstor® offers a self-healing technology to secure and scale out data. This feature reduces the need for human intervention.
Pro-Lite Tower Video Analytics Server

Partner With Us for Top-Tier Construction Video Security

If you need surveillance systems designed for the challenging landscapes of construction sites, choose BCD. Our validated security systems come with superior technical capabilities for enhanced productivity and safety. Reach out to a security integrator to learn more today.