A&E Program

The BCDVideo Architecture & Engineering Program is designed to help network architectsengineers and consultants bring performance to the front lines.

  • Guidance and specifications for multiple architectures
  • Technology and OEM Partnerships with VMS, Access Control and Analytics software companies
  • Guidance and support on Network Architecture design and Advanced IP Video Surveillance Systems

Beyond Minimum Specs 

BCDVideo has had a long-standing relationship with VMS, Access Control and Analytics software companies. BCDVideo’s certified engineers work on a wide variety of projects from joint development to performance certification to functional testing. Our mission is to make sure the hardware and software work in the best possible way for the project site, the security integrator and the end-user.

Working Together

Our team of video data specialists supports you by converting technical product specifications into guaranteed solutions.

  • Project consultation
  • Bandwidth storage calculations
  • Design architecture support
  • RFP response assistance
  • Value engineering proposal
  • Network architecture design
  • Submittal documentation
  • Network assessments