Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network Switches

Delivering a wide range of purpose-built network switches, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network switches have been validated for video surveillance applications by BCD. Offering cutting-edge, performance-based features, including Shortest Path Bridging, these switches meet the needs of a wide range of networking integrations.

ALE Integrations for Milestone and Genetec

Alcatel-Lucent now offers OmniSwitch plugins for both Milestone and Genetec-based solutions. These solutions are designed to eliminate the need for costly on-site visits and/or calls to technician in response to camera issues and simplify the managment experience so that even users with minimal troubleshooting knowledge can easily detect and understand problems well enough to apply quick fixes without any hassle. 

  • No more stuck cameras
  • Reduce the number of moves, or traveling to locations to reboot cameras
  • Faster resolution for more than 90% of camera issues
  • Lock ports to cameras and prevent tampering
  • Easily manage the system and switches from a single interface
  • Enable video operations users to quickly perform initial troubleshooting
  • Offload tasks to the operations teams to enable IT to perform more strategic work
  • Eliminate camera glitch
  • Minimize the need for on-site visits for camera reboots – save time & reduce cost
  • Expedite issues resolution for over 90% of common camera issues
  • Securely lock ports to prevent tampering with cameras
  • Effortlessly oversee the entire system and manage switches through the unified Genetec interface
  • Empower video operators to promptly conduct initial troubleshooting
  • Delegate tasks to operations teams, freeing up overwhelmed IT teams for more strategic responsibilities