Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6860 Series

Key Features

  • Up to 48 Total Gigabit Ports
  • 264Gb/s Raw Fabric Capacity and 256Gb/s Switching Capacity
  • Shortest Path Bridging
  • Up to 1500W of PoE+ Power
  • Hot Swappable Power Supplies

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Product Description

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch® 6860 is a family of advanced Stackable Gigabit and Multi-gigabit Ethernet switches offering high-performance, scalability, resiliency and security. With high-speed flexible uplinks, 200G stacking, industry-leading OS6860E-P24Z8 OS6860N-U28 95W PoE, and high-density 10G multi-gigabit ports ready for Wi-Fi 6, these platforms are the right choice for the next generation of enterprise switching networks.

  • Provide high-end network performance with 264Gb/s raw fabric capacity, 256Gb/s switching capacity, and a throughput of 190.6Mpps with a 64-byte packet.
  • Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) enables high network availability and maximum use of all physical connections and routed services.
  • IEE 802.3af and 802.3at compliant 30W of PoE+ on all ports provides high density power to multiple video surveillance cameras. Onboard advanced hardware helps optimize video data transfer.
  • High availability and network optimization features include redundant power supplies and application monitoring.


3-Year, 24/7 Support with Advanced Next-Day Replacement
Each BCDVideo product line includes a standard hardware warranty upon purchase. Depending on your project needs, BCDVideo can modify this service to include accelerated service levels or extended warranties. Please reach out to your representative