Security Technology in Construction

The construction industry is no stranger to complexities in operations. Sites need regular monitoring to keep track of project progress and ensure compliance with quality assurance procedures. Invest in a top-tier surveillance system from BCD and be on top of everything that’s happening on-site 24/7. Having modern video surveillance at the construction site improves overall efficiency, productivity and safety.

Capabilities of BCD Solutions for the Construction Industry

At BCD, we provide a variety of security deployments, including video. Our surveillance systems address challenges in the construction industry, like lack of project documentation or inadequate verification of on-site incidents and injuries. Explore the following solutions:

  • High-resolution imaging and video analytics: Enterprise-level video recording delivers top-tier image documentation and video analytics. The high-quality video data gives your security team detailed insights when investigating and responding to incidents. 
  • Cyber-hardened appliances: We are an industry leader in security deployments that provide integrated systems that are compliant with CIS security standards. Our products are cyber-hardened to add an extra layer of protection against cyber threats. 
  • Software-agnostic solutions: BCD products work with different software, from VMS to video analytics. Our pre-validated solutions for Milestone, Genetec, Salient and Avigilon save you time and resources. 
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity: Our technology is compatible with the cloud through Harmonize Bridge. Our cloud-ready solutions deliver seamless connections between software and devices, enhancing scalability and efficiency in operations. 
  • Reliable system monitoring: We offer plug-ins to improve your management experience. Harmonize RMM simplifies the process by integrating all systems together. It provides optimized features like real-time health updates, proactive monitoring and systemized alerts. 

Recommended Video Surveillance for Construction

Streamline projects and enhance security at construction sites with recommended solutions from BCD.

Harsh Environment Servers and Switches

Discover our range of Small Form Factor (SFF) harsh environment servers that match the challenging surface conditions on-site. These servers may be smaller than typical desktop computers, but they are extremely powerful. Along with their compactness and durability, SFF servers come with cooling capabilities.

Bring these high-performing security solutions to construction sites in need of heavy-duty video security infrastructure. Count on SFF servers and switches to withstand challenging weather conditions and mechanical stressors that are evident in the construction industry, such as:

  • Excessive humidity
  • Heavy precipitation
  • Inclement weather
  • Dust and debris
  • Extreme shocks and vibrations
Environmentally Hardened Small Form Factor Video Server
Pro-Lite Tower Video Analytics Server

Milestone XProtect® Rapid REVIEW Servers

Keep your security system in top shape and your facility free from threats with BCD. We deliver video workstations and servers equipped with Milestone XProtect® Rapid REVIEW. These hybrid cloud-compatible systems enable users to check long hours of video in just minutes. With exclusive technology integrations, these systems also offer:

  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Face recognition
  • Multi-camera search
  • Face mask detection
  • Filter tolerance
  • Proximity identification

Trusted Advisors in Construction Surveillance Systems

As your reliable partner in purpose-built IP video surveillance and security technology, we go the extra mile to meet strict industry demands. We understand the importance of short lead times in streamlining processes, so we ship products globally within days. Partner with us and enjoy:

  • White glove service: Rely on us for pre- and post-sale assistance from our technicians, sales, support and operations team. 
  • Customer loyalty program: Our customer loyalty program consists of three tiers with unique benefits, depending on your level of business with us. 
  • 24/7/365 technical assistance: We give you peace of mind in case of interruptions via our lifetime support.

Partner With Us for Top-Tier Construction Video Security

If you need surveillance systems designed for the challenging landscapes of construction sites, choose BCD. Our validated security systems come with superior technical capabilities for enhanced productivity and safety. Reach out to a security integrator to learn more today.