Video Surveillance Workstations

It’s essential that your clients’ video surveillance environments are reliable and efficient, streamlining their security with top performance, storage and management capabilities. You can improve these organizations’ everyday video monitoring with high-quality video surveillance delivery systems. These powerful workstations function as dependable storage, access control, and video analytics solutions for physical security applications.

You can find top-quality video monitoring stations to suit a wide array of clients at BCD. As your trusted video workstation supplier, we offer purpose-built video storage solutions geared toward your needs while delivering unbeatable white-glove service.

Our Video Surveillance Workstations

BCD’s video workstations are validated in our innovation center and built with the latest NVIDIA®️ GPUs and Intel®️ processors to promote exceptional computing and decoding performance. Our solutions are scalable, affordable and reliable, helping users meet the demands of their video surveillance projects. These units can be purpose-built to support video data storage, access control, and video analytics projects. Each of our workstations is also supported by our five-year, on-site, next-business-day (NBD) warranties. Complete your video viewing solution by adding a clear, high-quality Dell monitor as well, available in 4K and HD.

entry-level video workstations
Entry Level Workstations
Key Features
  • Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Micro, Small Form, and Mini Tower Form Factors
Professional video workstations
Professional Workstations
Key Features
  • Dual-Single Slot NVIDIA® GPU Support
  • Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Tower and 1U Rackmount Form Factors
  • High Wattage, High Efficiency PSUs
Enterprise video workstations
Enterprise Workstations
Key Features
  • Mutli-Slot NVIDIA® GPU Support
  • Intel® Core™ X-Series and Xeon® Processors
  • Tower and 2U Rackmount Form Factors
  • High Wattage, High Efficiency PSUs

What Are Video Surveillance Workstations?

Surveillance security operator workstations are the delivery point of any video security system, functioning as a replacement for modern security recorders. These technologies have a similar structure to computer towers, containing cooling hardware for ongoing surveillance and hardware for housing video management system (VMS) software.

Video security workstations are designed for efficient Internet Protocol (IP) video management as they free up server resources to allow for better recording, management, and remote viewing.

Entry-Level Workstations

Our entry-level video workstations are equipped with NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs) and Intel® Core™ processors to deliver high-quality viewing experiences. These systems allow users to store up to 20 terabytes (TB) of critical data.

Our entry-level options include micro video workstations, small form factor workstations and mini tower workstations.

Professional Workstations

When you invest in our professional video monitoring workstations, you’ll experience dual NVIDIA® GPU support, allowing you to use two single-slot graphics cards at once. These solutions feature high-end Intel® Core™ processors and high wattage, high-efficiency power supply units (PSUs).

Our professional workstations are available in tower and 1 rack unit (U) form factors with up to 60 TB of raw storage.

Enterprise Workstations

You can take your storage a step up with our enterprise video workstations with up to 120 TB of raw storage. Our enterprise systems boast Intel® Core™ X-Series and Xeon® processors with multislot NVIDIA® GPU Support, allowing you to employ four single-slot graphics cards or two dual-slot graphics cards. These workstations are available in 2U and tower rackmount form factors with high-performance PSUs.

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