Entry-Level Video Workstations

At BCD, we offer a dependable line of entry-level video workstations that deliver high-performance viewing experiences at an economical price. Our selection includes NVIDIA® GPU and Intel® Core™ processors that set the standard for affordability and efficiency.

You can choose from any of our three entry-level security workstations.

1. Entry-Level Micro Video Workstation

The BCDM01-ELWS micro video security workstation delivers fast and stable performance with high computing potential. This product exhibits exceptional deployment flexibility, enabling users to utilize its compact chassis in any small business environment. It also stores up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data and exhibits powerful video data viewing capabilities while maintaining a light footprint.

2. Entry-Level Small Form Factor Video Workstation

Our BCDSF01-ELWS small form factor video workstation is a compact entry-level workstation equipped with the latest Intel® 10th Generation Core™ processor to deliver reliable performance amid any video processing task. This solution has high-end video processing and GPU computing capabilities due to its NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card. When you use the BCDSF01-ELWS, you can store up to 18 TB of critical data while enjoying fast start-up and application loading.

3. Entry-Level Mini Tower Workstation

With our BCDT01-ELWS security system mini tower workstation, you can achieve fast and efficient video processing performance with its Intel® 10th Generation Core™ processor designed with greater computing potential than its predecessors. This entry-level workstation is compatible with single-slot Quadro GPU® or dual-slot NVIDIA® GeForce® to drive faster, higher-end computing. The BCDT01-ELWS can store up to 18 TB of data and up to 32 gigabytes (GB) of DDR4 RAM.

Invest in Solutions From a High-Performance Entry-Level Security Workstations Supplier

You can secure dependable entry-level video workstations to suit your application needs at BCD. We’re dedicated to creating purpose-built solutions for customers with project needs big or small.

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