Hybrid Cloud Video Archiving Solutions

Today, many businesses are switching to hybrid cloud data archive solutions to improve video management, accessibility and safety. Hybrid cloud video storage can augment your existing on-premises equipment for flexible, scalable video data archiving. 

At BCD, we offer Harmonize Bridge on all of our systems, a powerful cloud integration platform providing users with hybrid cloud recording and long-term data archiving capabilities.

What is Hybrid Cloud Video Storage?

Hybrid cloud video storage is a means of securely storing footage on-premises while archiving long-term storage on a network of remote servers called a cloud. A hybrid cloud system is an alternative to traditional bare metal closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems. Where a traditional system requires only on-premises video recording and storage hardware, hybrid cloud systems store archival data off-site, allowing organizations to scale their storage capacity without the need for additional on-site recording and storage equipment. 

Hybrid cloud data storage expansions allow businesses to benefit from on-site and remote equipment. A company can augment its on-site and physical security measures with digital tools that increase data storage and scaling capabilities. By transferring footage into the cloud, these long-term data storage solutions help companies enhance security, reduce IT costs, minimize losses and streamline application management.

Trusted Cloud-Ready Video Appliances

Driven by Tiger Surveillance, Harmonize Bridge enables you to extend on-premises data storage to public and private cloud platforms. A hybrid cloud model allows users to continue legacy workflows and applications while scaling data storage capacity through your chosen cloud platforms. This solution is cost-effective for users who need to expand their systems without purchasing additional hardware.

Key Features of Our Hybrid Cloud Storage Integrations

Our integrated video archive storage solutions can provide numerous benefits: 

  • Hybrid data storage: Store, safeguard and control sensitive data on-premises, as well as information in public and private clouds.
  • Flexible software options: Choose your preferred cloud provider and archive data the way that works best for your business.
  • Complete integrations: Seamlessly manage cloud storage and services, all while maintaining legacy applications and workflows.
  • Convenient data access: Provide on-site hardware with the new, added capacity of cloud storage products in order to give end-users more immediacy and flexibility than ever before.
Harmonize Bridge cloud diagram

Key Features of

Harmonize Bridge

Harmonize Bridge offers features and benefits to bolster your video data storage capabilities. 

High Speed and Low Latency

Harmonize Bridge is a file system level connector that monitors every file system operation. As such, it never needs to crawl the file system to detect changes. In addition, Harmonize Bridge is highly optimized for high-performance applications. Its finely tuned multi-threading ensures minimal latency and the fastest updates.

Streamlined Scalability 

Harmonize Bridge is ready to scale as your needs change. Hybrid integration streamlines adaptability when you need to record more cameras, increase video retention or expand the number of project sites.

Compatibility With Existing Applications

VMS providers such as Genetec or Milestone optimize their programs to write to a local New Technology File System (NTFS) file system. By presenting cloud storage as an extension to the local NTFS file system as opposed to an external Server Message Block (SMB) share, Harmonize Bridge enables your applications to interact with cloud storage in a completely transparent way.

Data Loss Prevention 

Harmonize Bridge allows camera servers to write video feeds to a local drive before they get replicated to the cloud. This buffer ensures that all data gets recorded prior to being encrypted and transferred to the cloud.

File Path Continuity

Unlike other popular gateway solutions that transfer blocks of data to the cloud, Harmonize Bridge only transfers files. This continuity ensures the same file and folder structure are accessible from within the cloud as well as your local server.

Formidable Data Security

Because they present themselves as an SMB share, many cloud storage gateway technologies are vulnerable to network intrusions. Harmonize Bridge runs directly from your server’s memory, and https encryption takes place before any critical data leaves your network.

Disaster Recovery

Gain Another Line of Defense for Data Protection

Harmonize Bridge Disaster Recovery enables immediate detection when the live or archive recording location fails. When the Disaster Recover Wizard detects a failure, you can replace the old server with a standby.

Advantages include:

  • No third-party application is required
  • Preserves data in native formats
  • Guards against ransomware attacks
  • Supports virtual machine (VM) backups
  • Provides maximum availability and data redundancy
  • Shortens Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to just minutes

Hybrid Cloud Storage for Your Business Applications

Businesses across industries use video data for everything from communication to security. At BCD, we design our hybrid storage solutions for versatility so that you can apply them within your business’s operations. Partner with us to tailor digital video archive solutions for: 

  • Security: Access security footage on-premises or from remote locations. 
  • Road safety: Implement traffic monitoring systems with minimal latency to ensure a timely response to accidents and leverage video data to improve roadways. 
  • Retail: Record and store video data showing customer habits, common footpaths and security information. 
  • Manufacturing: Oversee manufacturing processes and save video footage for performance reviews. 
  • Employee training: Store training videos and enable new employees to access them from the office or at home. 
  • Education: Maintain a robust virtual learning library to accommodate absent students and enhance the classroom experience. 
  • Health care: Enhance patient monitoring capabilities and offer more flexible virtual appointment options. 
  • Marketing: Store video-based marketing assets in the cloud, collaborate on projects from remote locations and distribute content to the channels your audience uses most. 

Cloud Storage Providers Compatible With Harmonize Bridge

All storage providers listed below have demonstrated high performance with surveillance, file servers and general IT workflows. Harmonize Bridge also works with all known Cloud Object Storage vendors plus on-premises object storage as well, such as Cloudian, Dell, Scality, Seagate, and more.

Hot and archive tiers

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Hot and archive tiers

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Hot and archive tiers

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Hot and archive tiers

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Hot only, low egress fees


Hot only, low egress fees

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Hot only, no egress or API request fees

Wasabi logo

Hot only, no egress or API request fees

How to Accurately Estimate Required Bandwidth

The single best way to accurately estimate the necessary bandwidth is to know the amount of data generated in a 24-hour period for each recording server. There are many additional variables to consider, including cameras, frame rate, camera resolution, codec, codec quality, motion detection and the percentage of time spent recording per day.

Contact us and we can create the optimal solution for your current or future video surveillance project.

Wasabi logo

Wasabi: Hybrid Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

You can implement Harmonize Bridge and Wasabi cloud storage on any BCD appliance. Our experts can identify the proper cloud container size to accommodate anything from extended recording on one camera to 100 or more.

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