All-in-One Network Video Recorder

The NVRBCD8 and NVRBCD24 are BCD’s first Original Design Manufactured devices and are capable of storing up to 80TB of raw storage, available with either an eight- or 24-port PoE+ to PoE switch. All systems include four drive bays, allow for RAID 0/1/5/10, and BCD’s Harmonize Bridge, powered by Tiger Surveillance, delivering hybrid cloud capability, as well as disaster recovery. Additionally, all systems come standard with a two-year advanced exchange warranty and a five-year Keep Your Hard Drive (KYHD) replacement warranty.

Our Network Video Recorder Solutions

BCD has two all-in-one network video recorder systems to ensure companies have a secure and easy-to-use solution to increase their security efforts. Our NVR recording systems work with IP cameras to make surveillance more manageable for smaller businesses with limited resources. The digital system can store the videos it records and collects in cloud storage, on a hard drive, or on another mass storage device.

Deploying an NVR for your IP cameras ensures all data gets recorded. The IP cameras process and capture the audio and video data, while the NVR’s main task is recording videos and then managing the cameras. If your clients have IP cameras they use for security purposes, installing a network recorder can make it easier to safeguard and review the data.


Solution Brief: The Value of All-in-One NVRs for SMBs

All-in-one network video recorders (NVRs) are ideal for a wide range of environments, from retailers to refineries to small branch banking and finance applications. Being easy to install and use, NVRs are ideal systems for SMBs looking to step up their security. Download the solution brief today to see the role of network video appliances in the retail space and how BCD’s All-in-One can be the right fit for you.


Why Partner With BCD?

BCD’s NVR recording systems are excellent options for any SMB. BCD designs and builds solutions with end-users in mind, ensuring they meet your expectations for function and performance. Having a device to store and manage video from cameras is crucial for maintaining security so BCD has you covered when you need a new NVR for IP video surveillance projects. Our solutions work as commercial NVR recording systems, providing higher video quality and improved storage solutions.

BCD follows a purpose-driven regimen for designing and producing security hardware and software that benefits users. We create surveillance appliances like NVRBCD systems with compact designs to ensure all companies, regardless of size, can scale and optimize their devices to work with the security architecture in place.

We ensure the network recorders are easy to use and integrate so you can keep your security systems updated with the latest tech. BCD offers advanced solutions that provide insights and reports to help you maintain strong security. We leverage hardware and software options that work together to produce robust and comprehensive security systems.

Learn More About Our Commercial NVR Systems

Streamline video security processes by implementing a new all-in-one NVR solution for IP cameras. Having a surveillance appliance like the NVRBCDs ensures clients receive excellent security solutions compatible with cloud storage and web management applications, making accessing and managing videos easier whenever necessary.

Learn more about BCD’s commitment to providing leading security devices and how the NVRBCDs will enhance your clients’ video security data management and access. Connect with a representative to get started today.

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