The BCDOEM program has been bringing innovative solutions to the security industry since 2014 when the program evolved to better serve our OEM customers. We provide reliable and quality hardware platforms that enhance your customer brand while saving you valuable time and money.

Key Features

Creating a seamless integration with your brand 

  • No Minimum Quantity
  • Unbranded and Editable Datasheets
  • Remote Testing and Access Capabilities
  • 5 Year NBD Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
  • Optional Customization
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Global Logistics
  • Secondary Line of Support
  • Large Stocking Inventory

Quality Assurance

BCD validates all units with several QA checkpoints throughout the build process.  It starts at order receipt and continues through the final shipping inspection to ensure each system passes our high-quality standards before shipment. We also offer collaborative validation and performance-testing programs for both hardware and software to ensure each part of your system is optimized to the highest performance and quality.

Our process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hardware Validation
  • SW Image Verification
  • Bezel Branding
  • Shipping Box Branding
  • Required Labels
  • TSR Capture

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