Video Recording Storage

BCD’s video surveillance storage solutions have high throughput and superior data protection, ideal for IP video streaming and archiving. Simple scale-out storage platforms to store, manage and protect massive amounts of data, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity, are also available.

Types of Video Recording Storage Solutions

BCD offers several types of video recording storage solutions that help end-users maintain their security by storing and archiving footage in innovative, secure storage systems. The different systems often work as IP and CCTV video storage systems.

Scale-Out NAS
Key Features
  • 4U Form Factor
  • Scales out to 28PB
  • Up to 800TB Raw per Chassis
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • 5-Year On-site, NBD, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
SAN Storage Arrays
Key Features
  • 2U and 5U Form Factors
  • Up to 1.68PB in a Chassis
  • ADAPT, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 Options
  • Redundant Power
  • 5-Year On-site, NBD, Warranty
BCDVideo Accelerator

The BCDVideo Accelerator (BVA) is a state-of-the-art storage accelerator for Milestone Appliances. With video grade hardware, the BVA significantly increases storage scalability, performance, and reliability.


If you need a new IP video storage solution, NAS systems are an excellent choice. Data integrity is crucial as the volume of information increases with more users and content added to networks daily. NAS systems store data but ensure it is continuously available for employees whenever they need to access information and collaborate with each other. NAS can store unstructured data like spreadsheets, images, documents, videos and other media files.

There are two types of approaches to NAS systems: scale-out and scale-up.

  • Scale-out: The main focus of scale-out NAS systems is ensuring enough space to maintain and archive an expansive amount of data to keep up with data growth in workplaces. Scale-out storage systems have a large capacity to hold data because they use a group of servers to form clustered storage arrays.
  • Scale-up: NAS systems with a scale-up approach also store data, but their storage capacities are less extensive than scale-out. Scale-up storage systems are more traditional, using many drives on multiple shelves for enough storage.

When you need dependable video recording storage, the BCD480-NAS system is suitable. It can store and safeguard data due to its scale-out approach with high-density and deep archive storage.

SAN Storage

When users store large volumes of video, a storage system that protects their data is essential. SAN storage arrays have long-term retention capabilities to keep crucial video data in storage. They use various storage devices to connect to multiple servers so users can store and use data on them, making it easier to organize and access the data more efficiently.

SAN storage is an excellent solution when a centralized storage location is preferable for end-users. With SAN, the data can be protected and managed in one primary area, leading to better performance for those accessing the servers and data in storage. Many companies use these systems because they are specifically made to house large amounts of video data.

Video Storage Accelerator

Your video storage systems must have a solution for optimizing the storage’s reliability, performance and scalability. A video accelerator takes control of the storage system by implementing innovative algorithms and techniques to enhance how fast data gets stored and retrieved from the storage devices you’re using, whether they are NAS, SAN or another type.

Experience higher throughput capabilities and bandwidth with storage accelerators from BCD. Storage accelerators help you leverage each system’s total storage, ensuring proper data and server security. Optimizing video storage processes also helps reduce the initial costs of the newly implemented hardware and operating costs.

Your storage accelerator can give you the full functionality of security deployments while using fewer servers. Additionally, archiving videos is more manageable because the accelerator’s bandwidth configuration can standardize the process without affecting the database’s performance.

Purchase New Video Recording Storage From BCD

The proper video recording storage for your jobs helps you optimize the process to ensure plenty of space for storing, archiving and managing videos. The storage system you choose depends on the specific features you need and how much data will be stored on the devices. Once you determine which storage systems will have the most advantages for you, you should also consider if a video storage accelerator can help you keep the storage device in excellent condition with full performance, reliability and scalability.

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