Security Technology in Casinos

Video surveillance is indispensable in any casino for operational efficiency and safety. Partner with BCD for cutting-edge, purpose-built security deployments to safeguard your casino.

How Modern Video Surveillance Systems Work in Casinos

While video security in casinos is considered essential, many still rely on older systems due to a lack of knowledge or uncertainty about the cost. Invest in state-of-the-art surveillance systems from BCD and maintain a secure, fair gaming environment. Features include:

  • Continuous monitoring and recording: Modern video surveillance systems have network switches that enable easy transferring of large video data. Unlike outdated video security devices, network switching allows for the management of different devices at once. Ensure security at the entrances, cash handling section, gaming floors and other areas.
  • Storage and retrieval of footage: Security deployments provide seamless storage and retrieval of video data for streamlined procedures in the case of an incident. In addition, advanced video recording options eliminate additional hardware costs for storage. 
  • Fraud prevention and detection: Identify suspicious actions by managing critical data from modern surveillance systems. Integrated video systems help deter criminal activities and allow your security team to investigate incidents thoroughly. 

Benefits of Video Surveillance and Other Security Technology in Casinos

At BCD, we solve security challenges in the casino industry by providing innovative surveillance hardware and software. Our products are performance-built to meet the video security demands of any size operation. Partner with us and benefit from:

  • Cyber-hardened hardware: Reduce security risks and maintain strict levels of security in your video surveillance system. BCD offers cyber-hardened security technologies that complete intensive penetration tests to identify system vulnerabilities easily. Our facilities also passed ISO 9001:2015 standards through our certification with DQS Inc.
  • Seamless integration with other security systems: Hybrid cloud connectivity gives you the peace of mind that your solution will work on various systems without conflicts. Through Harmonize Bridge, all of our systems are cloud-ready to improve usability and efficiency in operations. 
  • Proactive features for downtime prevention: Harmonize RMM weaves through every device in your system for easy monitoring of risks. This tool alerts the security team to prevent system failure and downtime if a threat arises. 

Recommended Video Security Solutions From BCD

Maximize uptime with video security solutions designed for the fast-paced casino industry.

vSTORE High-Availability Virtualized Infrastructure

Count on our virtualized infrastructure solution for a secure and scalable system ideal for large-scale deployments. As a high-availability solution, vSTORE leverages virtual machine technology to:

  • Eliminate the risk of downtime by migrating virtual machines to remaining nodes in case of node failure.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, specifically with storage overhead costs like VMware and vSAN licensing.
  • Run a wide range of functions, like access control, video management systems and building management. 
  • Provide VMS-agnostic hardware for virtual machines regardless of the software’s native capability.
  • Optimize system resources by streamlining complex infrastructures.

Surveillance HA

Prevent data loss from blackout periods with Surveillance HA — an on-premises, zero-loss failover solution. This powerful solution offers a secondary recording server to prevent system downtime. When added to Milestone XProtect®-based projects, Surveillance HA supports two failover configurations for optimal flexibility:

  • Symmetrical: This is a clustered setup where primary and secondary servers connect to the same configuration, looking like a single machine. In a symmetrical failover, only one server holds the network identification. In case of primary server failure, the network identification is transferred to the secondary server within seconds. As soon as the primary server recommences, the secondary recording backs out.
  • Asymmetrical: This is a non-clustered layout where primary and secondary servers have independent configurations. A distinct configuration for each server allows Surveillance HA to check the camera feed from one of the two recording servers. If there’s no camera feed on the primary server, it redirects to the secondary server for continuous recording.

Choose BCD for Casino Video Security

BCD is your trusted partner in global security deployments. Our expertise allows us to find the right performance-built solution for your casino facility, and provide unparalleled customer support long after the sale. Talk to our team today to learn more about how you can optimize your casino with our security technology options.