Casinos: Still Gambling with Outdated Video Technology?

Apr 4, 2022 | Blog

Casinos are arguably the most surveilled facilities in the world, next to retail and banks. But unlike banks, casinos are not FDIC insured, and their camera technology and layouts change more rapidly.

Indeed, the financial consequences of trying to handle powerful digital cameras and complex floor plans with inadequate video management systems (VMS) are steep. Downtime and theft immediately impact revenue, cutting into the daily 1.9 million brought in by the average casino.* A lapse in video retention can also result in fines from the Racing and Gaming Commission or other entities.

Here are three solutions that can help casino security managers and integrators avoid costly surprises as their operation grows.

Network Switches

Network switching in casinos is arguably more important than the cameras themselves. This is one of the areas where matrix switching and analog video are still utilized. The signal processing through a piece of coax is instantaneous. In an IP environment, there is always some sort of delay… think milliseconds, not minutes. But the lower that latency is, the better the eye in the sky can view and process video. BCD designs casino environments with cutting-edge switches — a near-zero latency solution that’s ideal for video applications in casino environments.

Video Recording Appliances

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a combination of a VMS recorder or archiver and a network appliance. Most recorders today are open architecture and capable of running almost any VMS. Understanding machine performance and how video flows through the machine, and is ultimately written to disk, is key in any environment but especially casinos. BCD’s trusted and high-performing video recording servers include options to support anywhere from four to more than 4,000 security cameras, maximizing bandwidth for a variety of software applications. 

Storage Area Network (SAN)

In keeping with gaming, tribal or other local, state, and federal requirements, casinos often require longer video retention of space-hogging, data-heavy files. That’s where SAN devices come in. These large data collection systems allow for almost unlimited retention of video. BCD’s Enterprise 584X-SAN storage provides up to 1.34PB of raw storage in a single unit, with up to 3 5U expansion units providing a maximum of 6.72PB of raw storage.

A Final Tip for Casino Security:

When considering new solutions, one situation that’s often overlooked is how software and hardware work together for immediate video playback. You must make sure that software is “tuned” with the hardware. In this way, immediate playback of a dice roll or cards at a blackjack table are never missed — and you never want to see a playback go into buffering.

BCD has 22+ years of experience in all aspects of casino security. As pioneers in the evolving technology of IP-based video surveillance, we understand that it produces a unique kind of data, with distinct challenges in capturing, transporting, reading, writing, and analyzing.

Here’s a winning hand: BCD’s IP video infrastructure solutions and casino expertise. Request a consultation to ensure your system is set up to avoid costly problems.

* Source: PaySpace Magazine