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High-megapixel cameras can have a profound impact on the storage capacity of a network video system. As a security professional, one of the trickiest areas to address is how much storage will a particular customer site require? Calculating video storage can be a challenge, especially with the widespread use of higher megapixel cameras, which can […]

Case Study: BCDVideo Executes Best-Practices Solution at Major Texas School District Customer Challenge A Texas school district encompassing about 100 square miles with 45 buildings and 35,000 students needed to update its video storage capabilities. They received a bond in 2011 giving the police department funding to install and update the school district video surveillance and […]

Building An Effective Video Surveillance Data Infrastructure For Enhanced Storage And Performance The video storage boom shows no signs of slowing down. The talk is not typically how much storage; but where and how to store. Locally-housed (on-premises) storage continues to be the most cost-effective, along with providing the most control over your data. However, prior […]

Share in the Benefits of the Genetec BCDVideo Partnership The BCDVideo Genetec partnership provides great benefits to security integrators and end-users. It offers full service, harmonious, certified solutions for software and hardware. Genetec Security Center is the most open, independent, advanced, and unified security platform in the world. BCDVideo and Genetec continue to collaborate for a seamless solution. BCDVideo […]