Provisioning Assistant

Simplify and Automate Network Infrastructure Deployments with the BCDVideo Provisioning App

One of the biggest obstacles security integrators face when deploying Layer 2 and Layer 3 high availability network infrastructures is restricted resources, whether it’s because they don’t have a large volume of network infrastructure or lack the network engineers needed to deploy these types of environments. As a result, security integrators can only take on a limited number of projects, in turn affecting their bottom line. 

The BCDVideo Provisioning App can simplify the delivery of your security infrastructure by optimizing and automating the deployment of Layer 2 and Layer 3 high availability network infrastructures—all from a smartphone or tablet.

The BCDVideo Provisioning App comes standard on the OmniSwitch 6350 Series.

Learn more about this solution and how it works in this series of 3 product demonstration videos:

1)  ALE BCDVideo Provisioning Assistant App Intro


2) ALE BCDVideo Provisioning Assistant App Layer 2 Network demo


3) ALE BCDVideo Provisioning Assistant App Layer 3 Network demo

  • Automate deployments of Layer 2 and Layer 3 high availability networks from a smartphone or tablet
  • LPS, or port security, ensures no other device can connect to the network switch
  • DHCP built into switch core 
  • Up to 200 cameras can be dynamically host configured with the Layer 2 solution
  • Allows security integrators to free up and scale their resources
  • Ensures network deployments are done efficiently and correctly the first time
  • Eliminates truck rolls to fix infrastructure-related issues
  • Get a project site back up and running within minutes
  • Makes network infrastructure deployments attainable by technicians with limited networking experience
  • Train your team to successfully deploy high availability networks within an hour