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The Harmonize Conductor iDRAC Plug-In

While server failures are common across all organizations, these interruptions can cause data loss, system inaccessibility and operation issues that can create considerable downtime. You can pinpoint and prevent these errors using a proactive server failure monitoring system like Harmonize iDRAC.

BCD’s exclusive iDRAC Integration enables users to proactively monitor servers and predict hardware failures seamlessly through their Video Management System (VMS) of choice. As your trusted advisors, we offer high-performing purpose-built products while delivering unmatched customer support.

What Is the Harmonize iDRAC Plug-In?

The Harmonize Conductor iDRAC plug-in is a risk and security management integration that enables users to create and configure iDRAC entities within a milestone, allowing them to comprehensively assess the health of their VMS environments. This system plug-in monitors multiple workstations and servers from a single pane of glass within your VMS.

When using Harmonize iDRAC, you can custom-name each iDRAC entity as you create them to make the server management process easier. Then, you can set alarm definitions for each server, which you can observe within the alarm manager. Here, you create a custom map and associate it with each physical server to make server failure management more proactive when an alarm fires. You can also keep tabs on your telemetry data in real time through the iDRAC overview.

Harmonize iDRAC Plug-In Features

When you use our proactive server management system, you can leverage next-level features you can’t get using the standard iDRAC solution. Some of Harmonize iDRAC’s many capabilities include:

  • Custom configurations.
  • Simplified login experience.
  • Proactive monitoring.
  • LED chassis identifier.
  • Email alerts.
  • Flexible dashboard view.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Single-pane-of-glass monitoring.

Benefits of Our Server Monitoring Tool Software

Our critical server infrastructure monitoring system delivers several advantages for hard disk status monitoring, such as:

  • Proactive monitoring: Our software facilitates proactive server crash management by organizing all server data into a single pane of glass, bridging the gap between IT and security, and extending notifications to both operators and end-users.
  • Failure prevention: This solution detects hardware failure before it occurs and notifies users immediately. By preventing multiple disk failure, hard drive failure and power supply disruptions, Harmonize iDRAC helps companies maximize system uptime.
  • Improved user experience: Harmonize iDRAC delivers real-time server analytics and valuable telemetry insights while preventing system failure, providing a better experience for system integrators. 

Wide-Reaching Compatibility

Our remote server management and analytics solutions are compatible with major VMS platforms, including:

  • Milestone.
  • Hanwha.
  • Digifort.

New Harmonize iDRAC eBook Is Now Available!

Learn how to ensure your video surveillance systems are failure-proof using Harmonize iDRAC.

Learn more about​:

  • How BCD’s Harmonize iDRAC enhances Dell iDRAC
  • The impact system downtime can have on your business
  • Ways to predict – and prevent – system failure with Harmonize iDRAC

Update 1.3.1 for Milestone XProtect

As of July 28th, 2022, a new version of Harmonize iDRAC for Milestone XProtect appliances has been released. This update includes the following changes:

  • Rebranded UI to the BCD look and feel
  • Introduces support for Windows Devices (10/11, server 2019)
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Enhanced capabilities

Harmonize iDRAC Plug-in for Milestone Systems XProtect® VMS

BCD’s exclusive iDRAC Integration enables users to proactively monitor servers and predict hardware failures seamlessly through XProtect.


With the Harmonize iDRAC plug-in, end-users and system integrators can monitor iDRAC features through XProtect, such as:

  • Hard Disk Status: Through this alarm definition, you can detect hard drive errors.
  • Temperatures: Harmonize iDRAC monitors when your CPU temperature threshold has been exceeded.
  • Fan Speed: Our monitoring system will track detrimental signs of fan failure.
  • Power Supplies: We’ll monitor your power supplies to detect failure.
  • Memory Usage: Our proactive platform tracks your memory usage and notifies you if you exceed this limit.
  • CPU Status: This alarm definition alerts users when the CPU load has been exceeded.
  • Network Card: The Harmonize iDRAC plug-in checks for signs of network card failure.

Harmonize iDRAC Remote Console for Milestone XProtect

How Does It Work?

BCD’s Harmonize software suite ingests the iDRAC API and listens for specific events, such as drive failure, and shares this critical system information in real-time to operators.

The integration ultimately empowers end-users and system integrators to be ahead of failures and proactively manage any server crashes that may happen. It also gives them insight as to how well or poor the server resources are being utilized by being able to monitor central processing unit (CPU) and random access memory (RAM) consumption.

Download the Harmonize iDRAC Plug-In on Your Existing BCD Appliance Today!

You can monitor and protect your clients’ servers with hard disk status monitoring solutions from BCD. We approach every project from an enterprise mindset, no matter how large or small, while delivering white-glove service and around-the-clock technical support. 

Contact us for more information, or download the Harmonize iDRAC plug-in today! Must have existing BCD appliance(s) with

XProtect, Digifort or Wisenet WAVE installed.