Harmonize iDRAC Plug-in for Milestone Systems XProtect® VMS

BCD’s exclusive iDRAC Integration enables users to proactively monitor servers and predict hardware failures seamlessly through XProtect.


With the Harmonize iDRAC plug-in, end-users and system integrators can monitor iDRAC features through XProtect, such as:

  Hard Disk Status
  Fan Speed
  Power Supplies
  Memory Usage
  CPU Status

How does it work?

BCD’s Harmonize software suite ingests the iDRAC API and listens for specific events, such as drive failure, and shares this critical system information in real-time to operators.

The integration ultimately empowers end-users and system integrators to be ahead of failures and proactively manage any server crashes that may happen. It also gives them insight as to how well or poor the server resources are being utilized by being able to monitor central processing unit (CPU) and random access memory (RAM) consumption.

Download the Harmonize iDRAC Plug-in for XProtect on your existing appliance today!

(Must have existing BCDVideo or VSS appliance(s) with XProtect currently installed)

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