Harsh Environment Appliances

BCDVideo offers a variety of harsh environment appliances purpose-built to endure extreme conditions and mobile deployments. Built with Intel®️ Core™ processors, this series of appliances is designed to operate under a wide temperature range for resource-intensive applications. BCD’s line of industrial servers and switches set the industry standard for performance, quality, and reliability.

BCDVideo 16 Port PoE In-Vehicle Server
In-Vehicle Appliances

BCDVideo’s in-vehicle servers feature Core i5 and i7 processors, 16 GB RAM, up to 20TB max storage, and can operate in extreme temperatures.

4 Bay 8 Port PoE Rail Server
Rail Appliances

BCDVideo’s line of rail servers feature Core i5/i7 processors, 16 GB RAM, 2-4 drive bays, up to 20TB of storage, and are certified for in-motion operation.

4 Bay 8 Port PoE Rail Server
Rigid Appliances

For storage, this high performance fanless rigid server has two drive bays with a height of up to 15 mm, one mSATA storage slot, and support for RAID 0 and 1.