VMS Software Integration Solutions

BCD simplifies Video Management System (VMS) deployment by validating each platform before delivery. Your VMS platform will arrive as a fully integrated hardware and software package. From updates to existing systems to the addition of a new VMS structure, our engineering team will guarantee calculations, simplify installation and ensure flawless VMS performance.

VMS Software for Commercial Applications 

Businesses across industries use VMS for functions ranging from security to operations management. Our VMS software integrations empower businesses to do more with video data: 

  • Security: VMS enhances video monitoring capabilities for surveillance applications. Our software enables seamless camera management, video feed monitoring, video playback and data storage. 
  • Business operations: VMS helps businesses find and execute ways to improve operations. Companies record, monitor and review video footage to assess anything from workforce efficiency to consumer habits. 
  • Traffic management: VMS integrations enhance processes when monitoring and analyzing traffic. Authorities and legislators can reference video data to improve response times and develop plans that enhance traffic management. 
  • Health care: VMS allows health care providers to ensure compliance and improve outcomes by monitoring patient safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) use.
  • Education: Schools can use VMS integrations to elevate campus safety and prevent loss. VMS facilitates comprehensive monitoring that detects danger, deters bullying and prevents vandalism and theft.

Validated VMS Software 

BCD’s purpose-built appliances are all certified by the top Video Management System software developers to ensure we can meet the needs of any video recording, storage and distribution project. Take a look at some of our certified partners.

Milestone Systems XProtect®

Our appliances built for Milestone Systems XProtect VMS reduce hardware requirements, simplify desktop management and eliminate third-party gateways. With the XProtect® line, you can back video storage systems with cloud-based disaster recovery. There are various exclusive Milestone Systems technologies available only with BCD servers. Among these integrations includes:

Genetec Security Center Logo

Genetec™ Security Center™

All BCD appliances have been fully tested and validated to exceed performance requirements for Genetec Security Center projects. BCD also offers Deepstor® external storage bundles for Genetec-based projects, ensuring your video surveillance solutions are secure, scalable, and simple to deploy.

Avigilon Control Center

BCD offers a variety of hardware builds for Avigilon Control Center (ACC). Our team of certified engineers has tested and validated each system build to ensure maximum performance and a seamless user experience. Pre-installed and pre-configured systems come with the ACC license, ensuring integrators and end-users can implement them seamlessly. These solutions offer guaranteed performance with Avigilon Appearance Search functionality.

Salient CompleteView

BCD fully supports all features of the Salient VMS, including CompleteView 20/20, TouchView Mobile, LPRTracker, TransactionTracker and ViewPoint. Internal testing has verified the Salient VMS can run at optimum performance on all BCD platforms. This enables integrators to successfully and efficiently utilize all features of the VMS and the Salient Security Platform.

exacqVision Client

BCD appliances fully support all features of the exacqVision VMS for both Windows and Linux. In addition to supporting the full functionality of the exacq VMS, integrators can benefit from BCD’s industry-leading hardware and a five-year, on-site, next business day, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty that both lowers the total cost of ownership and helps conform to current data privacy regulations.

Other validated solutions

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Our purpose-built VMS applications integrate software from leading developers so your organization can use our tools to improve efficiency and security. We encourage you to contact us online to discuss a VMS integration that contributes to the pursuit of your goals.