Security Challenges in the IP Video Surveillance Industry

Jul 26, 2017 | Blog

Security challenges abound in the IP video landscape. From educating integrators and end users on the latest technology, to overnighting time-sensitive orders, Server and Storage Specialist, Adam Janic, uncovers his experience helping integrators deliver the best security solutions for every project.

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Biggest Challenges in Security

The transition from analog to IP has left some integrators out of touch with modern network and storage design best practices. Educating integrators about IP video system design remains one of the biggest challenges in the security market.

Most Exciting Project

Working directly with a government agency on a global rollout, leading server and network design, as well as total project management, was a great learning experience. There were a lot of moving parts. Shipping all devices on-time and with complete accuracy was absolutely critical. Not to mention, making sure everything cleared customs.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

An integrator reached out after their previous vendor failed to deliver on a nationwide rollout of workstations. BCDVideo was able to offer superior performance on at a better price – all backed by a three-year parts warranty.

Most Difficult Aspect of Selling Security Solutions

The biggest challenge is educating our integrators. Some mistake value engineering with upselling. We take the time to educate them on why we choose a particular solution for them and how it benefits the end user.

Handling Unexpected Obstacles

Rarely, time-sensitive equipment breaks during shipment. When this happens, our operations team works to put together builds or procure parts quickly to be shipped overnight. We always try to meet the deadline, even when unexpected obstacles come up.

What Do Integrators Ask Most Frequently?

Network-based questions are becoming more common. As resolution and frame rate increase on IP cameras, they demand more on the backend in regards to bandwidth. As bandwidth requirements increase, there needs to be a network in place that will not only support it but get the packets to the recording servers without any data loss.

What Do You Foresee Becoming Most Important for Integrators?

Products change frequently in the security space. It is our responsibility to keep our integrators educated. Not only why these changes are being made, but what BCDVideo is doing to address these changes. This ensures we deliver more value to our integrators and they, in turn, deliver more value to the end user.

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