Servers Monitoring

Make Troubleshooting Easy with Server Monitoring Jeff Burgess, CEO, BCDVideo When selecting a server it pays to consider a model which can deliver system monitoring. This not only alerts the installer, integrator or system administrator when something is not at 100 percent functionality, but a good system will also indicate the issue at hand. System […]

INTERSEC 2016 Genetec and BCDVideo

Genetec and BCDVideo at INTERSEC At INTERSEC Expo (Stand S1–J38, Dubai World Trade Center, January 17th-19th 2016), Genetic, a manufacturer of unified IP security solutions will present the latest version of Security Center (version 5.4), its flagship open-platform IP security system that seamlessly combines video management systems (VMS), access control and automated number plate readers (ANPR) […]

Over 20000 Worldwide Installed Systems

BCDVideo Eclipses 20,000 Worldwide Installed Systems Northbrook, IL – BCDVideo has been manufacturing purpose-built video surveillance storage systems since 2009. They announced today they have shipped their 20,000th video storage server in the 4th quarter of 2015. The company captures video surveillance in 6 continents and 40 countries.

Quality Video Streaming, Longer Retention

Quality video streaming, longer retention time boosts performance for HD cameras in 2015 How did the economy impact the security marketplace in 2015? In as much as security is more and more becoming a necessity, it would be difficult to gauge whether the economy had any direct effect other than at a budget level. With the introduction of 4K […]

NVRs for Integrators and End Users

Security Market Offers Range of NVRs for Integrators and End Users. Network video recorders (NVRs) are at the center of today’s IP video systems. The video surveillance market includes a wide range of NVR choices for integrators and end users alike. NVR appliances include purpose-built machines that have embedded software systems as well as servers […]

Milestone and BCDVideo Partners

Technology Partners AUGUST 5th, 2015 The server product company BCDVideo and video management software developers Milestone Systems offer zero downtime for mission-critical video systems of all sizes. As two technology-driven companies, BCDVideo and Milestone Systems have shared a special partnership over the last seven years. So much so that in 2012 Milestone awarded BCDVideo its technology partner […]

Image Archiving As an increasing number of installers and integrators embrace the additional functionality and flexibility of network-based solutions, many are having to reappraise the pros and cons of historically accepted security philosophies. Networked solutions offer the ability to design systems that benefit specific sites, and address the problems they face. Benchmark considers how the […]

Fast Changing Video Surveillance Market Success

How to Succeed in a Fast-Changing Video Surveillance Market Jeff Burgess is the President and CEO of BCDVideo out of the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, IL. With the rapid growth of the overall IP-video surveillance market, BCDVideo is experiencing significant growth by generating a 30% CAGR over the past two years and has become one […]

Strategic Management of Video Storage Costs

Video Storage System Cost Considerations Costs are at issue when considering any component of a video system. Strategic management of costs is especially important when considering video storage systems because storage accounts for such a large cost component of networked systems. Gartner’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) As enterprise products begin to dominate the video […]

3 Reasons to Stop Using DIY Systems

Many integrators still feel the pressure to compete in the surveillance market by building their own video solutions together piece by piece. While certainly, they have the experience to complete this undertaking, there is a preferable approach than do-it-yourself systems. Servers and storage pre-built specifically for IP video surveillance make the best solutions. Below are […]